Riding Solo: 7 Reasons to Brave a Semester Abroad

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Riding solo Seven reasons you should brave a semester abroad… on your own! usq.edu.au

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Study Abroad is not only a truckload of fun, it sets you up for life by maximising your radical sense of adventure, introducing you to new people and increasing your employment prospects. It’s a once in a lifetime experience! It’s an investment.

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So, why do many students let this amazing opportunity pass them by?

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Despite the obvious and awesome benefits of a semester abroad, the fear of going alone stops many students from ever setting foot on an international flight. We’d hate to see you miss out on all the fun, which is why we have put together seven reasons why you should be brave and study abroad solo.

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1 Create your own experience When travelling solo, you don’t have to compromise your wants and needs to make someone else happy. You’ll have the chance to make new buddies and indulge in the little things you have always wanted to do, without feeling guilty. You don’t have to wait for anyone else to collect luggage, withdraw money, finish their food or have a shower. You can even pack lighter because no one will notice how many times you wear the same socks! Travelling solo means you’ll have more time to do the things you really want to do.

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You can do it

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2 Make the language and culture your own The best thing about studying solo overseas is that you get to completely immerse yourself in your new home and create new memories. You can learn the local language, eat until you make yourself sick, try new study methods and take every opportunity to enjoy yourself. With no one to distract you, you’ll be able to dive right in and make the most of the opportunity to develop your language skills first-hand. This limitless experience will give you the ultimate appreciation for new food, fresh faces and extraordinary study spaces.

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3 Independent you are, alone you are not Solo travel means you have to depend on you. This can seem overwhelming, stressful and even confusing, but don’t worry, we know #yougotthis! Self-directed study in another country requires self discipline and adaptability and, while it may be difficult at first, these are very valuable skills you will use during the rest of your life. Don’t forget that your friends, family and USQ want to be in regular contact with you to hear about all your exciting experiences and know that you’re safe. Email, Skype and social media make it so easy to keep in touch with your loved ones, no matter how far away they may be.

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You can do it

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Did you know All the universities that USQ partners with offer classes and assessment in English. This means that you have the option to study in a country even if you don’t speak the local language. It’s still important to have a basic knowledge of your host country’s local language so that you can socialise and do everyday things such as order food or ask for directions. But that’s no reason to let the fear of language barriers stop you from chasing your dreams around the world!

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4 You Will make friends One of the greatest benefits of travelling solo is that you will have countless opportunities to make new friends from many interesting backgrounds! Being able to share all your new and amazing experiences with these people will give you the opportunity to make connections that last a lifetime. Studying with students from your host university will give you the chance to build rewarding networks that may help you later on in your career.

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5 Leave your comfort zone behind In a familiar place, our senses of curiousity and adventure are dulled; entering a different environment full of surprises and new experiences is one of the best ways to bring out your inner daredevil! You might find yourself going for a bungee jump or a 20km mountain trek or maybe shaking things up with a fresh haircut or tattoo (be careful!). #YOLO Travelling can be inspiring in ways you never expected and help you to grow as an individual. Who knows, you might learn something new about yourself or discover a hobby or talent you never knew you possessed! Studying abroad allows you to grow as a student as well. Attending classes and lectures that use different teaching techniques could lend a new perspective to your studies and motivate you to achieve your best results yet.

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You can do it

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6 Manage your money Travelling can be expensive, especially when you’re living independently, studying and having fun all at the same time. That’s why it’s great to know that USQ offers numerous scholarships, loans and grants to help you achieve your Study Abroad dreams! Saving and budgeting is crucial, especially when you’re dealing with a different currency. There are several apps available to help with budgeting and currency conversions on the go!

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7 Invest in the future Any manager would be impressed to have a self-reliant, independent, confident, experienced and inspired employee! As a solo Study Abroad student, you’ll have these skills and more! Experience fending for yourself in a foreign country looks impressive on a resume, especially if you had to learn a second language as well! Research has found that the students who studied abroad were half as likely to experience unemployment compared to those that hadn’t. The message is clear: if you study abroad, you are more likely to increase your job prospects! So, why wouldn’t you?

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Studying abroad offers you an invaluable and unforgettable experience, so make it your own! USQ is here to help you every single step of the way before, during and after your travels! This opportunity is once in a lifetime, so grab it with both hands and fulfil your dreams! Don’t forget to share your amazing experiences with us by using #usqinternational. Take the leap: go and USQ-ify the world!

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