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HERE ARE MY 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PACK YOUR BAGS AND HEAD TO BURMA! The People Insane Temple Ruins Real Exploring Trekking Monks Food Cheap Beer! Stunning Islands & Beaches Caves It’s changing fast

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01: The People In my travel experience, out of all the Asians I have met, the Burmese are the kindest, most friendly people who are willing to go above and beyond to make friends with you, help you out and make sure you are having a great time in their country. For true hospitality, travel to Burma

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02: Insane Temple Ruins When most people think of lost cities they immediately think of Angor Wat in Cambodia or maybe Hampi in India but the ruins of Bagan in central Burma are without a doubt the most stunning, least touristey, ruins I have ever seen Get lost in some of the biggest temple ruins in the world

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02: Insane Temple Ruins

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03: Real Exploring Burma is an absolutely massive country and there are many hidden gems in this astounding country which only the locals will know about. Discover the Asia of 100 years ago

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04: Trekking Trekking in Burma is a relatively new activity but already tour agencies are springing up to cater for adventourous backpackers. Take to the hills and meet awesome people

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05: Monks The monks are a friendly bunch and would often ask me all kinds of questions about life outside Burma, spirituality and even football! Spiritual-esque discussions galore

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06: Food The food is better than OK, Burmese cuisine is some of the best in Asia. Sure, there may not be many Burmese restaurants outside of Burma but that’s largely because the country has been shut off from the rest of the world for so long. The food is an eclectic mix of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine and basically includes all the best bits from Thai, Chinese and Indian dishes. “Really? The food’s OK?” I hear you ask…

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07: Cheap Beer! I have made it a personal mission to sample as many local beers throughout the world as I possibly can… so far, Myanmar Beer is without a doubt my favourite brand. For just 50 cents, you can have a cool, refreshing, tap drawn beer in a iced glass. For five bucks, you can get well and truly merry. Mandalay Beer makes a tasty alternative if you get sick of Myanmar Beer but I can guarantee you won’t. Beer for 50 cents?!

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08: Stunning Islands & Beaches Most Backpackers are not yet aware that Burma has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands. Burma has a hidden paradise of unexplored beaches and islands

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09: Caves In Burma, there is a ton of activities for the adventurous traveller but one of the best has got to be exploring some of the huge caves which pockmark the country. Discover cavernous underground temples filled with Buddha images

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10: It’s changing fast Burma is well and truly back on the Backpacker map and in 2014 it has become THE place to go. I was lucky enough to first visit in 2012 and I met perhaps a dozen backpackers in my entire time there. These days, more and more backpackers are tagging Burma on to the classic Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia route, and rightly so! Now is the time to go!

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