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SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA Why choose for exotic holiday

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The region of South East Asia is penetrating, friendly, extraordinary and spellbinding. Famous for its exotic beaches tropical jungles, highly developed modern cities and spellbinding villages. People had been travelling South Asia since ages mostly in the search of spices. It has mark among the top tourist destination in the world. The tremendous development of the region keeping intact their historical heritage displaying superb blend of modern and old world. The whole region is filled with plethora of tourist destinations. But two regions that sets apart itself from the rest south East Asian countries are Singapore and Malaysia.

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Great Food Extravaganza I am an avid gastronomic individual and this is the reason that I have given the cuisine the first place. If you are in Singapore get ready to taste the blend of Chinese, Malaya and Indian food. It is said that eating food is the national past time of the cosmopolitan city. You will be amazed how the locals experiment with their food. The cuisine has a flavor of Indian spice cooked with Chinese method. Apart there are plethora of International restaurants serving sumptuous dishes to try. But don’t be shocked people preferring street food more.

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In contrast the Malaysian cuisine may look similar but entirely different in taste and aroma. Abundance use of spices, herbs and big chunks of meat with noodles served hot is the USP. Like the previous destination street food is hugely like by the local and traveler visiting. Experience the gastronomical delight and book attractive tour package to Singapore and Malaysia. Unwind and discover the world of different cuisines served on a platter.

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Explore the City Don’t sit inside your hotel room get our and explore the vibrant and cosmopolitan city. The transport network is highly developed. You can take a bus or can travel by the modern rail network. Trishaw offers the best form of sightseeing and exploring the streets and markets of Malaysia. Mostly tourist prefer them more as they can go where the buses cannot. Before hopping on any one of them must bargain them.

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Explore famous markets of Singapore travel and enjoy unforgettable tour of trishaw. Transcend through the hustle bustle of the market while you are focused and enjoying the ride. Keep a close look at the shop while sitting. Get off and indulge yourself in shopping and savor the delicious cuisines. Enjoy some of the best moment and explore the every stall and shop in the market. Plan an unforgettable family trip to Malaysia and Singapore and be there to experience all by yourself.

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THERE IS MORE THAN JUST HOTELS AND VIBRANT MARKETS The region is renowned for their array of wild life and tropical jungles. There are plenty of local guides that can help you and assist you in trekking through the dense forest of the Malaysia. But do remember to check their id card and they should be certified guide. Or you can visit to any conservative park or Zoo in Singapore. Encounter diverse species of flora and fauna and always be ready to capture the beautiful moment. You can avail adventure tour packages or customize according to your requirements. Also indulge in the plethora of adventurous activities like river rafting, kayaking and snorkeling. Just laid down on the white sand beaches and enjoy swimming on the crystal clear water.

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Plan holiday to Singapore and Malaysia this winter and travel through some of the most developed and ancient sites. Both countries are the hottest property when it comes to spending an unforgettable vacation. This winter prepare yourself to enjoy the balmy weather.

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