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Empowering the Connected Traveller

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Canada’s 2nd Largest & Most Preferred Airline 85+ Destinations, 100+ Aircraft 9th Largest Carrier in North America Manoj Jasra Digital Director, WestJet

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Stress Free Travel

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Overview Contextual Experiences Deep-linking Intelligent Integrations Leveraging Data Clear Communication

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Communication Considerations Growth of social messaging continues to sky rocket New channels for support and marketing have emerged Preferences vary across countries and demographics

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Research & Booking

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I should be able to research & book however I want to I expect the experience to be intuitive and quick I expect you to remember me I don’t want to be treated like everyone else Guest Expectations

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Multi-Screen Experience 156M People Engage with Travel Content Across Platforms

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Personas and Audiences “The Business Traveler” “The Thrifty Traveler” “The Family Traveler” “The Experience Traveler”

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Pre Trip

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Pre Trip Day of trip = day of frenzy Time to leave, time / map to airport Transportation / Parking Checklist (personal items, travel documents, etc…)

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At the Airport

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At Airport Way Finding / iBeacons Key Information: Boarding Passes, Flight Status, Gates Security lines Time until next event

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In Flight

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In Flight Airlines are innovating Enhanced Experiences Bring your own device Content / Streaming Media WiFi Payment Onboard

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