Festivals in the world

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Festivals in the world

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Chinese New Year It’s the most important of the chinese holidays, and it’s a time of enjoying with family, fireworks, celebration and gift giving. It’s a 15 day holiday celebrated in February, not in January. Lanterns and dances with dragons are typical of Chinese New Year

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Diwali Diwali is the major festival in India. It’s celebrated in October or November. It’s a festival of lights and signifies the victory of light (good things) over darkness (bad things). On this day people wear new clothes, meet their family members, eat sweets, give presents, set of fireworks at night, and decorate theis houses with lights and rangloi patterns (similar to mandalas)

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Day of Death It’s celebrated in Mexico every year the 1st and 2nd of November. The Day of Death is not a sad day. It’s a day of celebration with family and friends to honor their loved people who have died. They build ofrendas with flowers, food, candles, incense, pictures and decorated sweet skulls.

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Canada The Canada Day is celebrated in the 1st of July to commemorate their independency from the UK. It’s celebrated mainly in Ottawa, the capital city. They prepare parades and set of fireworks.

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Carnival in Brazil The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is the biggest and the most famous in the world. It lastsfour days and four nights. It’s a week of parades, dancing, colours and fireworks. People put on their costumes and dance samba in the streets.

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Obon Festival in Japan It’s celebrated in August in Japan. Families release floating lanterns into the water to represent their antecessors spirits.

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White nights in Russia It’s celebrated in St. Petesburg in Russia between June and July. It’s called White Nights because the last ten days of June, the sun only sets for a short period. These nights they celebrate festivals of all day, concerts and parties.

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Italy The Carnevale of Venice started in the XIII century. It’s the origin of the Spanish and Brazilian carnival. Children and adults dress up with traditional and masks. Originally Venetian masks were made of leather, porcelain or glass and had the function of remaining you anonymous. The most important types of Venetian masks are the bauta, moretta, gnaga, medico della pesta, pantalone, arlechino, colombina. A lot of celebrations take places in every Italian town, including at schools.  There are many parades, bands, puppet shows, theatrical and musical performances, and competitions for the best costumes and masks.

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Greece A Greek festival is a tradition of culture and entertainment where you will taste the Greek food, Greek music, Greek culture, Greek dancing and great family fun. The carnival of Athens in the third most important in the world. Another important one is the Epidauro frstival. It takes place between May and October. They watch theatre plays and listen to opera representations in the antique Epidauro theatre, and they practice their traditional dances. Greek dances are mostly performed in groups that hold each other by hands or by the shoulders.

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Australia One of the most special celebrations in Australia is Christmas. It’s summer in Australia during Christmas time, so it is celebrated as a picnic at the beach. They also dive in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s like a garden under the see, with 1400 different types of fish and more than 300 kinds of coral.

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Madagascar People in Madagascar celebrate their Independence Day on the 26th of March. The children walk in the streets with lanterns in their hands, and go to see the fireworks that take place in the Anosy Lake. El Alahamadi Be is their celebration of the New Year

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France Medieval festival takes place in the second weekend of September. They dress up as medieval people and they represent how they lived. They also have horse shows, fire eaters, musicians, magicians, etc. The Lemon festivial started 40 years ago, an it’s unique. They make decorations that they cover with lemons and oranges. There are also parades, confetti and traditional dances.

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Egypt The coming of the spring is celebrated in Egypt with the Sham El Nessim festival. In spring, the Nile rises and gives tem more water that they use to cultivate. They go with their families near the river and they have a picnic there.