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Developing sustainable & resilient food systems – models & strategies at a local level Food and cities: Bristol Joy Carey Independent Consultant Member of Bristol Food Policy Council Director of Bristol Food Network © James Barke

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Bristol city & region Population: 421,300 in Bristol 1m in ‘city region’ Farms in city region: 860,928 ha farmland 23,000 holdings 50% <5ha Jobs: One in ten jobs in West of England is in the Food & Drink sector Health: 27,000 young people overweight

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People, places, planet

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Bristol’s ‘food journey’ © James Barke

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Some milestones: 1997-2015 (2011) (2009) (1998/2009) (2009) (2013) (2004) (1997)

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Partnership structures Local Government National Health Service Businesses NGO’s Education Institutions Voluntary Sector

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A better understanding © James Barke

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‘Who feeds Bristol Bristol? Towards a resilient food plan’ 2011 A research report by Joy Carey, (

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Research focus – the whole food system Baseline data; strengths and vulnerabilities; positive planning powers

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Mechanisms - joining the dots © James Barke

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Bristol Food Policy Council Approach ‘Immersion’ ‘Implication’ ‘Reciprocation’ ‘Facilitation’ Role Validating Influencing Connecting & communicating Creating visibility

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BCC Food & Planning Developmental Review, April 2014 (commissioned jointly by Planning & Space and Public Health) How can the city strengthen it’s work on the Good Food agenda? How to fit food into other policy & strategy?

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A sustainable food system policy DMxx? Safeguard diversity of food retail Safeguard land for food production – urban & peri- urban Retain and strengthen food supply infrastructure Places and spaces for food waste collection & composting urban food growing cooking & food storage

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Mechanisms - engaging people © James Barke

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Public sector food procurement and catering North Bristol NHS Trust: sustainable catering award for patient food

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© James Barke Bronze, Silver & Gold Marks for food quality & provenance PLUS food leadership, food education & food culture.

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UK's largest alternative to ? sterling Helping to make local and regional food suppliers visible Buying groups & pop-up markets Growing the capacity of the local food system

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Food Waste: recycling and redistribution ‘Feeding 5000’

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Bristol Food Connections Festival ‘Eat in’ ‘Pop up market’’ 185,000 people Over 200 events

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Some challenges! © James Barke

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Land use and planning: a major challenge to safeguard land for food

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Key supply infrastructure – upgrade the old?

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Or invest & innovate? Markthal housing & market hall Rotterdam ®provast, MVRDV

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Indicators of resilience? Engaged citizens Staples from city region ‘Cook from scratch’ Diverse food retail ‘Closed loop’ systems

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Developing sustainable & resilient food systems – models & strategies at a local level Thank you! Joy Carey Sustainable Food System Planning f3 local food consultants, UK [email protected] © James Barke