Ten Essential Items You Should Take on Every Golf Trip To Scotland or Ireland!

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Ten Essential Items You Should Take on Every Golf Trip To Scotland or Ireland! By Andrew Wood

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1. Aspirin – You are not used the strength of the beer, the smoothness of whiskey, or the quantity you may consume! Bananas and Gatoraide also help ?

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2. Sports tape you’ll be playing a lot of golf on foot. Apart form blisters sports tape can also be used like duct tape to fix grips, tears in bag covers and other minor emergencies.

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3. Small Swiss army knife – Just like my Amex card I don’t leave home without it, although TSA, has snagged more than a few of them ? The small scissors and bottle opener alone are often priceless in a crutch situation!

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4. Shoe laces, they always break when you are away and they never sell them in the pro shop! (Opportunity alert!)

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5. Plastic zip lock bags to keep the water out of at least a few things, like your wallet or passport!

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6. Ski gloves, yea I know you are going in July, just trust me on this one, they may come in handy especially if you plan on playing any links golf.

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7. Even if you have a smart phone and a GPS take a paper map as well! If you have all three, and a coin, you’ll be able to navigate your way around Ireland. You’ll still get lost, just not as often or for as long when you lose the satellite signal!

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8. A sports jacket, amazingly many of the older club’s in the UK still insist on one in the clubhouse, especially after 5pm. Try one like this and you’ll comply to their silly rules but you get the last laugh, don’t forget the tie. ?

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  9. When you play take bottles of water with you, the 9th is very often is the furthest point on the course. They rarely have halfway houses, there are no cart girls and few if any provisions for hydration of any sort along the way.

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10. A few golf hats with a logo from your home club, great cheap gifts, light- weight, easy to store and they create friends for life although a round of drinks for the caddies goes along way too!

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