Yehliu Geopark Taiwan???? ?? ????

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Yehliu Geopark Taiwan???? ?? ???? ????:???? changcy0326 ???? Auto page continue

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The Yehliu Geopark can be divided into three zones. Now introduce the first and second zones. ?????????????? ????????????

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About Yehliu Geopark The total distance measured from the entrance of the Yehliu Geopark to the end of the cape is about 1.7 km; the widest area in between is shorter than 300 m. The rock landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of most famous wonders in the world. The costal line is stretching in a direction vertical to the layer and the structure line; besides, the influences caused by wave attack, rock weathering, earth movement and crustal movement all contribute to the formation of such a rare and stunning geological landscape. Yehliu Geopark can be divided into three areas. The first area contains mushroom rock and ginger rock. You may learn the development process of mushroom rock as well as witness the appearance of ginger rock, cleavage, pothole and melting erosion panel. On top of that, the famous candle shaped rock and the ice cream rock are presented in this area too. The second area is similar to the first area, where the mushroom rock and the ginger rock are the main focuses, only they are fewer in numbers. You may see the Queen’s Head, Dragon’s Head Rock, and etc. Since the area is near the coast, rocks that develop into four different kinds of formations can be seen in this area: elephant rock, fairy’s shoe, earth rock and peanut rock. The aforementioned are parts of the layers featuring special shapes as a result of being corroded by sea water. The third area is the wave-cut platform located on the other side of Yehliu. This area is much narrower than the second area; one side of the platform is closely adjacent to steep cliffs while down below the other side is a scene of torrent waves. Several rocks of grotesque shapes and sizes that are incarnated as a result of sea erosion can be seen in this area, including the 24-filial piety hill, pearl rock and Marine Bird Rock. The third area also includes the major ecology reserve of Yehliu Geopark in addition to the said rock landscapes.

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The first area The second area The third area

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Tour buses and mainland tourists ?????????

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Fiberglass replica of Cute Princess II ???????? 2 ????

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Fiberglass replica of Queen‘s Head II ??????? 2 ????

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Northern part of Yeliu Cape ??????

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Mushroom Rocks ???

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Cute Princess ????

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Sea Candles ???

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Ginger Rocks ???

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Ocean Erosion Pothole ????

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Looking to the east of Keelung direction from Yehliu ????? ???? ??

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Lin Tian Zhen Monument for the man who lost his life while saving some kids felling in the water. ??????,?????????????????

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Queen's Head spot. ?????

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Fairy Shoe ???

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Elephant Rock ??

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The "Queen's Head" is an iconic image in Taiwan ??????????????

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Queen's Head ??? Tourists waiting for photographic ???????

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Marine Bird Rock ????

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Tofu Rock ???

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Sea Groove ???

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THE END Music : Chinese Music ?? ???