Arctic Cruise In Norway AS

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Dream higher than the sky And Deeper than the Ocean Arctic Cruise In Norway AS Experience close encounters with North Norwegian nature and charm

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About us The founder Kurt Arild Larsen (left) Management Skiing, Offroad cykle, kayak,

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Your dreams our vision To offer a voyage that leave a lasting impression Taking you into a story gearing up to cope with everyday life better To participate in authentic experiences far removed from everyday life

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The areas for exotic experiences - Northern Norway Lyngen (Tromso) Airport (Tromso) Homebase The gateway Many routes Cross section of Norway Home of the Northern Lights

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You will experience something unique Private Excitement in a safe environment Exotic Norway is one of the world's most exciting destinations, writes the renowned magazine, Lonely Planet, which gradually has become a giant in tourism. Norway is described as one of the top destinations for active tourists and adrenaline junkies, the midnight sun and northern lights in Tromso highlighted as one of the major attractions.

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It is magical, simply magical You think you must be dreaming, especially when you catch an outbreak from the start. It just comes from nowhere… and keeps moving and changing shape! It’s like someone is doing a huge watercolour painting, in real time, across the canvas of the dark black sky. This is nature’s own silent movie show, awe-inspiring, majestic and ethereal that leaves you feeling stunned, reminded once again of the incredible beauty of nature. And somewhat grateful that you’ve had the opportunity to see it". Zillah Bugeja, Malta,

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The «Hotel» Katamaran Your own cabin Good space

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Your Comfort 4 double cabins Separate shower and toilet Two lounges One inside One on the outside covered wih a capnoy large space on the bow of experiences

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Cruise with hunting, fishing and the use of local food Cruise to specific destinations with cultural significance Cruise with land-based nature Skiing by boat Cruise and Diving Cruise and kayak Visit the Sami camp Cuise and snowmobiling Cruise & Whale seeing Northern Lights 'hunting' Helicopter lift to special destinations Some Experiences with us

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Exotic from the Boat

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Occasions Holiday Meatings Seminars With customers With special friends You Choose :)

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Contact us For more information about our experiences. See special our website, Info: Kurt Arild Larsen, +47 905 49997, [email protected] We fullfil dreams