Three European Vacations to Consider this Year

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Three European Vacations to Consider this Year

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Tuscany You should visit Tuscany for its olive oil and wine alone, but there is so much to do during your stay, besides dining, that you’ll definitely want to come back again and again and again. We recommend checking out our infobook section to receive a customized travel guide to Tuscany. Remember to look at Tuscany villas over hotels. That way you can enjoy world-class amenities with a touch of home.

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Scotland This would certainly be year to check out Scotland if you’ve always wanted to. That’s because it is Homecoming Scotland 2014. There will be over 400 events planned throughout the year to celebrate Scottish heritage. If you’re an avid sports fan, the Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow this year. The Highland Games are another recommended event held in Scotland every year if you’re a fan of Celtic Culture. You can wear a kilt and people won’t think twice. Now that’s freedom.

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Prague Prague has been called the Paris of Eastern Europe for its beautiful architecture. Luckily for travelers to the area, it’s not nearly as expensive. The Krona has a very good exchange rate. It’s the perfect place for romance. Like Paris and Tuscany, its natural elements offer the perfect backdrop for love. We recommend taking a trip down the Vltava River on a paddleboat. If you’re a beer fan, you must experience a local Czech pilsner. The Pilsner Urquell isn’t a bad idea either.