Top 10 Countries For Trekking to Mountains

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Top 10 Countries For Trekking to Mountains

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Every people have some lofty fantasy of crossing their country to somewhere abroad to feel the adventure of travel on foot. And, what else could be better than trekking to mountains? High-end panoramic views, mesmerizing beauty of nature and the charismatic weather to give you an extra feel; a tinge of adventure and some voyage will really take a journey beyond travel.

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10.Bhutan If you’re looking for a trek undiscovered by much people, then it’s Bhutan where you need to put your steps on. Though Bhutan offers remote trekking, it possess wide prospects with regards to the best trails in the entire world. The Snowman trek which is around 200 miles in total is regarded as one of the best treks in South Asia.

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9. United States of America One of the World’s most developed country, the United States of America has a great mother nature. With several waterfalls and vistas, giant redwoods along with several granite mountain faces, it also falls under one of the best countries for trekking and hiking to mountains.

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8. Pakistan Though Pakistan might be a country out of thought for trekkers with several ongoing political issues, the presence of terrorism and socio-economic problems prevalent, it comes under several trekker’s dreamland after they get through the mountains, trails and passes in the country. The trek to Mt. K2, the world’s second highest peak in the world is an incomparable trek with some of the most humbling beauty in the entire earth.

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7. Switzerland Switzerland is another daunting country with its snowy peak with several lush valleys that are all filled with herbs and flowers to lighten up the nature. Connected to France in the from the Chamonix in the South Valais to the Zermatt, the Haute Route gives access to some of the best scenic views to walkers and trekkers in the Alps. “Pass hopping” is the best way of hiking through several mountain ranges in this country.

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6. New Zealand New Zealand has stunning sub-alpine scenery in the country that covers the Southern Islands. Trekking around the base of the Southern Alps will take trekkers through the Fiordland and the Mt. Aspiring national parks and also offers great views to the Conical hill. Alps is best suited as a scenic trek with wild transverse mountains between the Hollyford and the Dart Valleys.

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5. Tanzania Tanzania can be the best decision to trekking and mountain climbing. With Mt. Kilimanjaro being the most famous and the highest mountain in Africa, the country boasts in several other beautiful mountain ranges and attractive peaks to be travelled on foot. Several enthralling pictures of trails, peaks and volcanos has turned many tourists to trekkers.

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4. Peru Peru is famous for its vast arrays of climates, jungles and land formations. It has almost everything for people who fancy about adventures to go deep inside the nature’s beauty. The Inca Trail that leads to the Manchu Pichu makes Peru famous World wide. The amazing feel of the Amazon forests, natural tunnels and Inca trails towards the end of the Sun Gate High at the ancient Machu Picchu also gives the experience of Andes in itself.

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3. Nepal What more could be more wonderful than making a travel to the country of the Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. A small landlocked country, full of natural beauties has a lot of snow capped mountains every mountain climbers and trekkers would want to step their foot on. The Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Base camp trek are two of the best treks experienced by professional trekkers.

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2. France France has one of the best walking networks with color-coded trails that attract a lot of hikers and trekkers from different parts of the world. Several landscapes present in this country includes forests, glacial lakes, snow capped peaks, granite moonscapes, and the paths around the mountains are really difficult as they are rocky, steep and include rickety bridges. GR20 that links to the Calenzana, offers the best for every people coming to France for trekking.

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1. Chile A country of absolute delight that has lowland dusty deserts to snow capped mountains, there can be no other better country than Chile to dust off the hiking boots and making a travel to the best routes of Chile. With Torres del Paine trek, being the World’s best trek, the country has to offer several spectacular sites of the Southern Hemisphere with a lot of glaciers, lakes, fjords and ancient forests.

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