Capturing a Travel Destination

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Capturing a Travel Destination Mary Fiore Wanderplex Cruising and Photography Contributor

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Capturing the Heart and Soul of a Location Consider including at least 5 of the following: People Markets & Commerce Arts & Crafts Geographic Features Buildings, Structures, Landmarks Plants & Animals Food and Agriculture Transportation Your experience This version is a follow up to a live presentation. The voice narration is not included.

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Add Your Perspective Consider your purpose What do you see? What impresses you about the location? Include your experience

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People Help Tell the Story of a Location

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Photographing Children Structure the group

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Avoid chaos by taking charge and giving them direction.

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When to Pay

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Bring along an assistant or work as a team with another photographer. They can help keep track of photo equipment, hold the dollars bills and relax the subjects by talking to them, while you focus on getting the shots.

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Photographing Women Women are often too busy to stop for photographs. Photograph them in the context of doing their work.

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Photographing Men Men are often more playful and more willing to stop and please.

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Shoot First or Ask Permission Always, when focusing on a particular person Buy something from vendors You will have an opportunity to find a better background and to adjust your exposure and composition.

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Markets Markets provide a sense of place for your subjects and speak to the agriculture and products produced locally.

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Vendors are usually more willing to be photographed then other adults on the street. Buy something first and ask permission

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Florence, Italy

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Commerce and Trades Loading tuna at the docks in Manta, Equador

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Ship building in Equador

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Rope factory in Nagasaki, Japan

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Huatalco, Mexico

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Arts & Crafts

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Graffiti artist at work on a legal wall in Barcelona, Spain

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Molas San Blas, Panama

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Dance and Music Tahiti

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Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

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Buildings, Structures, Landmarks Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Plants Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

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Transportation Funicular

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Geography and Landscape A gun port on the beach on Guam

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Costa Rica

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At the pier on St. Kitts

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Near Nagasaki, Japan

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Getting Around Ship’s tours On foot Public transportation Private cab Rent a car bike

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Capturing the Heart and Soul of a Location People Markets & Commerce Arts & Crafts Geographic Features Building, Structures, Landmarks Plants & Animals Food & Agriculture Transportation Include your experience and perspective

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Additional Resources Commercial vs Editorial Use of Photographs of People