The Best Way to Tour Grand Canyon National Park

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@grandcanonNGVC The Best Way to Tour Grand Canyon National Park The best ways to take in the Grand Canyon’s beauty is to view the Canyon from its north and south rims.

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@grandcanyonNGVC Hike down to the Inner Canyon, take a boat ride along the Colorado and finally, take an aerial tour to get a bird’s eye view of the splendor that lies below.

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@grandcanyonNGVC The South Rim This is the starting point for most visitors. Entry into the South Rim can be made either along US 180 from Flagstaff and the south or AZ 64 from Williams and the west. There’s a line up accommodation options, a nearby airport, several dining spots, a bustling Tusayan Village, a word famous IMAX theatre and several large RV campsites.

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@grandcanyonNGVC The Backcountry office is also located here. Grand Canyon South Rim has stunning drives with gorgeous viewpoints such as Mather Point or Yavapai Point which can easily be accessed by car.

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@grandcanyonNGVC The North Rim The North Rim is the more rugged of the two & offers pristine & unadulterated view of the Grand Canyon’s wilderness. The journey from the south rim to the north rim is very scenic & takes about 5 hours & is 215 miles long. Being higher in elevation than its southern counterpart, the Grand Canyon North Rim is much cooler.

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@grandcanyonNGVC The North Rim closed in winter. But in summer offers lodging and camping options, for which reservations are recommended. Several popular trailheads are also found along the North Rim.

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@grandcanyonNGVC The Inner Canyon Several trailheads which start in the North and South Rims lead directly to the Inner Canyon. No Grand Canyon Adventure is complete without a hike into the Inner Canyon which is 4,700 feet below the South Rim & 5,700 feet below the North Rim. Phantom Ranch. Photo under the Creative Commons NPS.

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@grandcanyonNGVC Overnight accommodation is available at a shady and popular oasis called Phantom Ranch. Day Hiking requires no permit, but for those interested in staying overnight, a permit can be obtained from the Backcountry office located in the South Rim.

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@grandcanyonNGVC The Colorado River Grand Canyon Rafting Photo by Grand Canyon Expeditions. The Emerald green waters of the Colorado run right through the middle of the canyon and beckon, people of all ages. From calm placid waters, to raging white waters, there are Grand Canyon rafting tours of all kinds.

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@grandcanyonNGVC Aerial Extravaganza Fly over the vast gorge and see it all at once. Grand Canyon helicopter and airplane tours give you a fresh new perspective and never seen before views of the Canyon. There are several commercial aircraft operators flying from just outside the National park or even from Las Vegas, Nevada. The ride is yours to choose.

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@grandcanyonNGVC News & Events Read about the latest at the Grand Canyon and National Geographic Visitor Center. We’ll keep you up to date with the South Rim and Grand Canyon National Park. Almost Famous Visitor From the Blog Grand Canyon Visitor Center is always excited to profile the best testimonials and visitors become “almost famous” for a day as we share their story on our web site and through social media. If you’d like to be profiled on our web site, we’d be happy to have you! Visit our sign-up page and share your story! Get some insider information from National Geographic Visitor Center staff on things to do while visiting the Grand Canyon.