Top 10 Caravanning Tips in Australia

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Top 10 Caravanning Tips in Australia

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Tip #1: The Early Camper Gets the Best Spot If you are in a caravan park, then you should probably forget about sleeping in. Wake Up early and reserve the best spot in the park.

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Tip #2: Privacy on a Caravan Trip! You are not the only lonely traveller. You will always be surrounded by people enjoying their road trip. You cannot think about getting privacy on a caravan trip. If you want privacy, a caravan trip may not be the best option for you.

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The morning trips to the loo can be quite horrifying with the fetid aroma just blasting up your nose. Have a personal toilet unless you have a liking for the long queues Search for a place that has good amenities. Tip #3: Beware of the Morning “Rituals”

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Caravan “experts” are most likely to barrage you with their endless suggestions and tried-and-tested methods. It’s best to avoid considering these suggestions seriously. You just find information, like the best place to fuel up, cost effective places, the best paths, etc. It's better to not rely on these expert comments with a hope that they would give you exactly what they claim. Tip #4: Don't Need “Expert Comments”

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Load up the heaviest contents at the bottom section, towards the middle and just above the wheels. Place medium weight contents in the middle as well at both the end with uniform placement. Just use elementary physics and a bit of common judgment. Put the light items at the top across the entire length of the caravan. Tip #5: Load Up, But Manage the Weight

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You need to have a fire extinguisher handy.   It doesn’t take much space and can easily fit along with other accessories. Consult with the local fire department to select the ones that would help you to control fires ignited by electricity, gas, etc. Tip #6: Don’t Leave the Fire Extinguisher Behind

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This is not Grand Prix. Relax! Just drive within the normal speed range. You will be surprised at the amount of fuel that you save up and the amount of safety that it provides. Your equipment stay in position and you run less chances of meeting with accidents. It does get boring to ride at such a slow pace. But this might just save you from becoming road kill.  Tip #7: A Slow Driver is a Happy Driver

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You simply cannot have a holiday without hiccups. Motor problems, breakdowns, tyre punctures, unexpected changes in weather conditions – these are just some of the problems that you could run into. Always keep a toolkit handy and learn their usage. You should be able to make basic repairs. For unforeseen weather conditions, equip your caravan with latest designed annexes and awnings by Australia Wide Annexes so that you can instantly get some shade and extended personal space. Tip #8: Make Sure Your Tool Kit is With You All Times

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Make sure the refrigeration is in perfect working order.   You should also make it a point to clean the area as thoroughly as possible. Carry sufficient leak proof containers and don’t forget to load up on utensils as well as trash bags. Tip #9: Keep Your Portable Kitchen Fresh and Clean

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It’s time to socialize! And what better way than to join Caravan Clubs. Get in touch with your local club and meet people with similar interests. Tip #10: Join Caravan Clubs – The More the Merrier This help a lot to identify new destinations, come up with new routes, plan group adventures, get proper reviews of suggested places and simply to increase your social circle.

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