Top 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark

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1) Happiest Nation in the World- UN’s 2013 World Happiness Report Danes scored 7.6 on a global happiness scale of 10 2) Danes are Environmentally Sensitive Copenhagen is 2014 European Green Capital. Almost 64% of hotels in the city are CERTIFIED ECO-FRIENDLY. Cycles are the most common mode of transport-in fact, there are roads specially made for bicycles 3) Hygge (Pronounced Hooga) It’s hard to find an English equivalent word for this term. But roughly translated it relates to comfort and coziness especially during the autumn and winters. People can sit for the entire day socializing and enjoying their meal.

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4) Michelin-Starred Restaurants Copenhagen was named 9th in the list of top Ten World’s Most Michelin Starred Cities. 13 restaurants hold a total of 16 stars. Noma Restaurant was named world’s best for three years in a row from 2010 to 2012 by Restaurant Magazine 5) Home to Carlsberg Beer Drinking a Carlsberg Pilsner is the most popular activity in Denmark 6) Danish Bakeries Danish cakes, pastries and cookies are very popular and well-known around the world

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7) Danish People are Very Helpful Danes are very humble and polite; they’ll keep the tone cheerful, even if they’re arguing with you. They’re the most law abiding- you’ll find people waiting for the traffic signal to turn green even in the dead of the night when there’s no traffic. 80% of the doors open inward in Denmark- this is done as a sign to welcome people. 8) Home of Designer Goods There are plenty of designer good stores that sell trendy home furnishings, kitchenware and other goods.

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9) Free University Education Universities in Denmark often encourage students to be independent. The education system is problem based and focuses on effective student participation. 10) Beautiful Architecture Thorvaldsen Museum, Louisiana Museum, castles…there are many museums and places of interest in Denmark

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