The 7 Stages of Travel Stress

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The 7 Stages of Travel Stress

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What are the 7 stages of travel stress? Segalla et al (Harvard Business Review)

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Segalla et al (Harvard Business Review) When are people most likely to be Stressed (by job role)?

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But what does it mean? The most stressful parts of a trip by seniority

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Reduce stress pre-trip Good for support/associate staff PLAN Plan the trip in advance Tell staff the exact plans and ensure they understand COMMUNICATE Tell staff what is expected of them on the trip Double-check they know their plans for the journey

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Reduce stress in-flight Try to ensure staff will have Internet access on the flight Upgrade staff to business class where possible Give staff tips on reducing discomfort whilst in-flight – such as taking a painkiller before the flight High-level executives in particular find this phase stressful

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So, why do we travel? It helps with both gaining and retaining customers Research suggests that for every ?1 that is spent on business travel, ?1.77 in profit is produced Visiting customers in person is much more likely to yield a positive relationship Positive relationships = customer retention

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Sources Segatta, Ciobanu, Rouzies & Lebunetel – Harvard Business Review Forbes