7 Essentials for a Trouble-Free Caravan Holiday

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7 Essentials for a Trouble-Free Caravan Holiday

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Prepare Your Caravanning Kit Keep all essentials that would ensure proper functioning of the caravan during the trip. Common things included in the kit are: Fire Extinguisher Levelling Blocks Fresh and Waste Water Containers Leisure Battery Basic Repair Kit Electric Hook-Up Led Smoke Alarm

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Install a Caravan Awning / Annexe Caravan annexe / awnings give you a personal space even on road trips. Choose an annexe or an awning in keeping with the specifications of your caravan. Check out various awning / annexe types and get the ones that fulfils your requirements perfectly. Seek professional help for custom solutions if standard products are not fitting your purpose.

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Create an Itinerary Creating an itinerary helps to keep all important places and routes handy. Itineraries help to stay on the route and avoid unnecessary detours, thereby saving fuel and time. You can even chalk out emergency routes in case your planned route has obstacles.

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Pack Appropriate Clothing Plan your clothes according to the weather of the place that you are travelling to. Don’t load up on clothes that you would not be needing on the trip. Excessive luggage is an avoidable burden. Make sure that you keep the clothes in a dry place so avoid damage.

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Bring Along Proper Bedding Bring along mattresses, blankets and pillows if you plan on erecting an awning or an annexe when you park your caravan. If you plan on sleeping under the stars, then a sleeping bag would be a better choice. Keep an extra bedding just in case you run into a stranger or a friend.

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Food and Cookware are Absolute Essentials Bring your own utensils and cookware. If you plan on cooking on the way, then make sure you have portable stoves and gas. You could bring canned food to save time and have a quick snack without much efforts. Bring a lot a pot to make one-pot recipes at the camp site. Always bring food that can stay out longer without the need for special storage conditions.

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Don’t Forget to Bring Toiletries and First Aid Kits Hygiene and health are important considerations during road trips. Get the standard first aid kit and make sure you bring specific medications that have been prescribed by the doctor. Don’t leave your toiletries behind. Just throw in: Toothbrush and toothpaste Shaving cream Nail clippers Soap, shampoo, lotion, oil, deodorant Washcloth and towels

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