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Things to do in Dubai Clubs in Dubai Events in Dubai Restaurant in Dubai Camping in Dubai

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Introduction Dubai is a most popular and unique tourist destination, city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is favoured for being a business and a holiday spot all over the world. It has exotic range of Clubs, Restaurants and various events in every month of the year. A person also gets attracted towards for camping in Dubai. So it is a destination which should be in everyone’s bucket list. Here we are mentioning few of the Dubai’s best destinations which an individual should visit. We are also mentioning the events which one can wish to enjoy in Dubai including the camping options.

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Clubs in Dubai Dubai has a fabulous night life due to the list of great night clubs for clubbing in Dubai emirate. It is a home of glamorous night clubs in the world. In the list of clubs in Dubai, the clubs like 360 degree adds excitement in nightlife situated on a circular island one kilometre out in sea. Another club trilogy attracts people highly on Thursdays. Clubbing in Dubai is one of the most exciting parts of Holiday.

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Events in Dubai Dubai is glamorous emirate; it is host to some of the events in Dubai which are best in the world. Some of the events in Dubai are exclusive of Dubai and so these events attract great tourist from all over the world.

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Events in Dubai There are camel racing events which took place in certain seasons. There are businesses event for which corporate from all over the world pour in. Then the musical concerts and events are also part of Dubai’s magnetism. There are Fashion events in Dubai showcases the fashions around the world. The charity events in Dubai are for the charity organisations from all over the world.

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Restaurants in Dubai There is a great range of restaurants in Dubai where an individual can relish Saudi food. When it comes to food then Dubai has exotic cuisines to offer. Pierchic offers European cuisine and is located in bed deck pier jutting out in Arabian Sea. Margaux, Eauzone are the other wonderful options for restaurants in Dubai.

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Camping in Dubai The best times to camping in Dubai are between October and April. There is a mountain biking option near Ras Al Kor. Fujairah is famous for family camping and Ras Al Khaimah and Wadi Bih is famous for camping in Dubai. There are various travel agencies which provide packages for Camping in Dubai.

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