Travel Hacking 101

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Travel Hacking 101

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What is Travel Hacking? Strategically collecting miles and points and using them to travel for the world for pennies on the dollar

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Outline Real Life Example Different Types of Miles & Points How To Redeem Miles & Points Main Strategies for Earning Miles & Points #1 Strategy for Earning Miles & Points Frequently Asked Question Questions & Attempted Answer

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Real Life - Costa Rica

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Earning Miles 25,000 50,000

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Redeeming Miles Round Trip Flight = 35,000

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Flight Cost - $105

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Types OF Miles & Points

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Different Types of Points Airline Miles Hotel Points Fixed Value Points Transferable Points

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Airline Miles Redeemed for Free Flights based on Zones or Distance

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Zone Based Award Chart 30,000 Miles

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Zone Based Award Chart 40,000 Miles

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Distance Based Award Chart

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Distance Based Award Chart BNA > DFW = 631 Miles – 4,500 Avios

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Distance Based Award Chart BOS > DUB = 2,993 Miles – 12,500 Avios

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Hotel Points Redeemed for FREE nights based on category/level

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Category Based Award Chart

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Category Based Award Chart

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Fixed Value Points Arrival Miles Venture Miles 1 Point = $.01

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Redeeming Fixed Value Points

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Transferable Points Easily Transferred to Airline and Hotel Partners

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Transferable Points Transfer the points to an airline or hotel partner and redeem based on their award chart

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Earning Miles & Points

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Strategies for Earning Miles & Points Credit Card Signup Bonuses Strategic Spending Travel Online Shopping Portals Dining Programs

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Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses 9 Credit Cards: 520,000 Points

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Strategic Spending Fixed Category Spending Bonuses Rotating Category Spending Bonuses Q1 - Q2 - Gas Stations Q3 - Kroger Q4 - 5X - Office Supply Stores 2X - Gas 2X - Hotels

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Travel Another Day…

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Online Shopping Portals

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Dining Programs Skymiles Dining Mileage Plus Dining AAdvantage Dining Rapid Rewards Dining

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#1 Points Earning Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Will Happen to MY Credit Score?

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What About Annual Fees? Downgrade Cancel Keep

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The End!

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