12 Festivals in India You Won't Want To Miss

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12 Festivals in India You Won't Want To Miss

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The Hornbill Festival When: Hornbill Festival is usually held every year from December 1-10. Where: At Naga Heritage Village, Kisama about 12 km from Kohima.  Events start at 9 a.m. everyday.

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Kila Raipur Rural Olympics When: Usually 3 days in February.  Dates for 2015: 29 Jan 2015 to 1 Feb 2015 Where: Kila Raipur (15 KMs from Ludhiana), Punjab.

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Alleppy Snake Boat Race When: Second Saturday of August every year.  Dates for 2015: 8 Aug 2015 Where: Punnamda Lake, Alleppey, Kerala

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Sunburn Festival in Goa When: Three days in last week of Deecmber. Dates for 2015: 27-29th December 2014 Where: Vagator,Goa

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Hemis Festival When: 10th day of the Tibetan lunar month. Usually 2 days in June or July.  Dates for 2015: June 26-27 Where: Hemis Monastery, 45 kilometers from Leh

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The Pushkar Camel Fair When: Late October to early December.  Dates for 2015: 18th November 25th November Where: Pushkar near Ajmer, Rajasthan Also Read: Pushkar Camel Fair: All you need to know about Pushkar Mela

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Holi in Vrindavan When: One of the Full Moon days in March, sometimes in February.  Dates for 2015: Friday, March 6 Where: Vrindavan near Mathura, Uttar Pradesh Also Read: Braj ki Holi - Vrindavan & Mathura

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Dussera Festival Mysore When: September or October based on Hindu Calendar.  Dates for 2015: 22nd October 2015 Where: Mysore, Karnataka

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Krishna Janmashthami Mumbai When: August or September.  Dates for 2015: 5th September 2015 Where: Streets of Mumbai

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Jagannath Rath Yatra When: June or July.  Dates for 2015: 18th July 2015 Where: Puri, Odisha

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Kumbh Mela When: Varies every time.  Dates for 2015: 29 Aug – 18 Sep Where: Every third year at one of the four places: Haridwar,Allahabad, Nasik and Ujjain

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Durga Puja When: 5 days in September or October.  Dates for 2015: October 18-23 Where: Kolkata, West Bengal

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