Social Media Trends for Tourism Boards

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Social Media Trends for Tourism Boards Joyce Manalo Data Analyst/Reporter at Skift #SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift

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SkiftIQ: Destinations vs Top Travel Verticals #SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift Within the travel industry, Destinations bests Hotel Brands on social media presence Airlines and media lead in acquisitions Source: SkiftIQ

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#SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift Source: International Tourism, The World Bank Perspective: Social Media Competitive Landscape

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Forget social reach. Keep an eye on engagement. Focus on the quality of your community. #SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift

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VISIT CALIFORNIA @VisitCA #VisitCA #SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift YouTube & Online Integration: DREAM365 & 24 Hours, 24 Dreams (Feb ’14) Storytellers - Bob Burnquist & Edward Sharpe Results / Conversions Website visitation lift two days after the YouTube takeover 306% in U.S., 165% in Canada, and 920% in UK Source: Visit California and Google TELL THE STORY

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PURE MICHIGAN @puremichigan #puremichigan #SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift Gaming Facebook: Focus on creating quality posts to inspire quality comments Reward fans for quality of interactions Pure Michigan has the most active community on Facebook at 7.57% FOCUS ON QUALITY

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TOURISM AUSTRALIA @australia #seeaustralia #restaurantaustralia #SoMeT14US @sometourism @jjoycemanalo @skift SHARE THE BOUNTY Restaurant Australia (May 2014) International Campaign Socially Integrated on Twitter and Instagram Results: #RestaurantAustralia TW: 27,800+ IG: 20,575+