Is Video Still the Future of Internet Content?

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Is Video Still the Future of Internet Content?

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Did You Ever Think That Video Was Going To Get THIS BIG? A recent study revealed that it’s possible for video to account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. (That’s only 3 years from now.)

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Should You Join The Video Bandwagon? After all, YouTube ranks as the 2nd biggest search engine, next only to Google.

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For Video To Be Truly Effective, It Will Depend On What You Are Using It For

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Video WILL NOT Render All Other Forms Of Content Useless Video—being easier to create and faster to distribute these days—makes a great addition to any online marketer’s tool kit Coupled with the knowledge of when and where to use it, you can leverage on video’s ever growing popularity

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When And Where To Use Videos?

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1. Using Videos To Increase Conversion Rates Use explainer videos as a way to quickly capture the attention of your intended audience. Elements of high-converting videos: A good, well-written script. Visuals that capture and hold the attention of the viewer. Everything is kept brief and simple.

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2. Using video to improve customer service Amazon Mayday is a perfect example Using video for customer service is a good way to connect with customers and make them feel important. It makes customer service more personal and real, which reflects positively on your brand.

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3. Using video to build credibility and grow your business Noah Kagan is a good example. You can build credibility using videos by: Sharing your expertise Engaging your audience by co-creating content with them Imparting a distinct personality

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Why Is Video Growing? Because more devices support it.

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Should you add video to your marketing tools?

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Your Seriously Simple Marketing Hack Take your smart phone and set it up to shoot a video. Point the camera on you and film a simple welcome video to your blog or website. Upload the video on YouTube and be sure to put your website or blog address in the description.

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