How to Solve the Biggest Problems with SEO Tools

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with SEO Tools 1

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with SEO Tools Today I will discuss about few biggest problems and different tools which help us to fix site issue regarding SEO and make site user and search engine friendly. Here we go!! 2

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3 Broken Links: A link directs guests to another webpage. The two types of links: internal links and external link.

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4 Here are Some Methods Broken Links are Created: Someone links to a page that is not available anymore Somebody changes the name of a page and did not modernize the internal links on the site The server that hosts the page is no longer working

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5 Tools to use Broken link checker is best tool to use solving that big problem.

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6 Spelling Errors As you know Content is king and Nobody is perfect. Spelling errors happen to everybody. Sometime people made very generic mistakes likes they used "My" when we meant to use "mine" or "There" instead of "Their". Spelling errors can go unnoticed for a while harmfully effecting the site's ranking and making your site look unethical and spammy.

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7 Tool to use Grammar or spelling checker tool is use to find spelling and grammar errors and help us to solve them. It is 100 % free tool.

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8 Google Cache Many SEO beginners find tools to check even the site they are working on is cache on google or other search engine too or not? They find lots of tools but they confused because every tool show different result, What done we made that tool perfect just give URL and get fast and accurate result.

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9 Tool to Use You can use the great Google Cache Checker tool to check whether your webpages are cached by Google. Simply enter the web pages you would like the check and press let the tool do its magic. And then you can see the amazing and 100 % absolute result.

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10 Meta tags Error Meta-tags keep data that provides search spiders with typical information about the content on that page. On site elements have a good impact on website's search engine ranking? It is important to always review these elements for mistakes and errors.

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11 Tool to use Special tools used to Meta keywords generator and extractor. Just simply add the information and generates the best Meta tag without any error.

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12 Conclusion As I told you marketers and businessmen are worried about their internet marketing stuff, we at made 50 different SEO and marketing tools which help you to make your site according to search engine and your buyer persona. If you have any suggestion feel free to contact us. Your feedback important for us. More detail visit it.