Why And How To Submit Website Into The Web Directories ?

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Why And How To Submit Website Into The Web Directories ?

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What Is Web Directory? A Web directory is a listing of Web sites organized in a hierarchy or interconnected list of categories.

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Assists to obtain a website indexed. Improving on search ranking. Targeting the keywords. Link Popularity. Generate Targeted Traffic. Why Submit Your Website Into Web Directories?

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How To Submit Your Site

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1. Prepare Your Website Set up Resourse or Link page in Your Website Where you can add text links or banners of Directories.

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2. Choose The Right Directory Site High Page Rank Site Relavant to Your Website Regularly Updated Site

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3. Select The Most Suitable Category Make Sure to submit your website in the suitable category of directory that best suits your business niche.

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4. Go For Manual Submissions

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5. Use keywords in Title & Description Draft an engaging description of your website containing important keywords that makes people click it.

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6. Evalute Your Website Check the quality of your website Check back links, page rank & several other important factors

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