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Google Virtual Tours Why it makes sense for Retail

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When a customer decides to buy, he/she goes online to Googe to find what she is looking for in her local area. She will look for reviews of the product. Good reviews of your store on Google is likely to attract the customer more. Consumers also like to see what they want to buy. Photographs of the store are more likely to pique the interest of the buyer. Customers Psyche – Search Online

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Enter: Google Virtual Tours - A 360° Virtual Tour from Google

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1 Stand out in Google Searches Google shows your store on its business listing when your customer searches ONLINE

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A click on the cursor and the virtual tour appears on screen. 2 Increase visibility on Google Maps

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Allow customers to experience your store like never before 3 Once you click on ‘SEE INSIDE’, the virtual tours of your store opens up.

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A Google Places Page for your Business Feature photographs of the venue Google Maps listing Place marker for Google Maps Free auto-scroll video of your virtual tour Embed tour on Facebook and website Free Google Business Listing for your retail outlet A Google My Business page, which is crucial for local business Feature photographs of the venue Place marker for your business on Google Maps Free auto-scroll video of your virtual tour Embed tour on Facebook and website Deliverables: Along with the virtual tour, we give you -

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1 5 4 3 2 How it works

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Why partner with us for GBV? Its not for nothing we were awarded the best Marketing and PR Agency in Southeast Asia by Google. We believe in being there for our customers, even after the work is done. We excel in after-sales service. We offer the best price We help you optimise your tour with your online marketing strategy

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