Integrating Social Media & WordPress

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Integrating Social Media & WordPress Akilah Thompkins- Robinson @AKZMeDesigns CTWordCamp 2014 © Copyright 2014 AKZMe Designs

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Who Am I @akzmedesigns AKZMe Designs and Specialize in Web Design, Development, and Web marketing strategies eCommerce and Online WordPress Geek JERSEY GIRL!!! Tweet me @akzmedesigns

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What we’ll talk about Find me on Linked in Akilah at AKZMe Designs Why Social Media is Important to your site What brings traffic to your site Making your WordPress Social Paying for Social Media Social Media Placement and Platforms Tools to make it all easier

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Social media is about Engagement It is about driving traffic !! Say Hi on Facebook Designs

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Make Social Media Work for you Share links on all Social Media networks Hint: Visual Post are doing really well on FB Hint: Posting links to Google + index faster Link to more than just home page when doing social shares Any promotions or sales post link to landing page Don’t discount on Sell or SM THE GOAL is to always bring them back to your site. Don’t be shy post a pic on Instagram

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What content gets Traffic to your site? Go Ahead Pin Something!!! Engage in conversation BLOGGING is your Best Friend Average new blog generate real traffic for 2-3 days Extend the life of your Content with Social Media You can extend that 5-7 days with social media and give it an occasional boost Visuals are their Cousins

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Visuals that are relevant Engaging, make a thumbnail for your content Great for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Use the same from your site to your Social Media Maximize your Visual Tweet me @AKZMe Designs

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Social media content 80%-20% rule 80% Value 20% Advertisement Use Hashtag #CTWordCamp

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Getting your WordPress site more Social A few Good Plug-ins Find me on LinkedIn Akilah @AKZMe Designs

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SEO Plugins have Gone Social: YOAST Go ahead tag me on Instagram @AKZMeDesigns *Even allows you to set default image

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Inbound Plugins: Social Login Social Media Tabs Say Hi on Facebook Designs The best use of plugins is to bring people and content into your site not chase them away

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Inbound Plugin InstaPress Disqus Use hashtag #CTWordCamp

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Outbound Plugins Shareholics Click to Tweet Tweet Old Post or Tweetily Google Plus Authorship 2.3 rel="author“ Tweet me @akzmedesigns

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But Don’t get too Social Are you on Google Plus? join my circle AKZMeDesigns

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Placement “the last thing you want to do is lead someone away from your site” Don’t over use social buttons Don’t place social buttons on content pages Don’t sell Facebook Avoid pop-ups to social media Avoid Social Media Contest apps Tweet me @akzmedesigns

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Do you see the problem Here ?

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Should YOU Pay FOR SOCIAL MEDIA? Don’t forget to Pin something today

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Yes Social Media is slowly moving away from free but still low cost alternative Pay for Boosting Post Target audience Boost Various Post (Q&A are good post to boost) Shoot for Engagement Tweet me @AKZMe Designs

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No!!!! © Copyright 2014 AKZMe Designs Don’t pay for likes, followers, or anything else Don’t boost without targeting Don’t pay large volumes at one time Don’t pay to early If you don’t have a clear goal

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Picking your platforms Find Me on LinkedIn Akilah at AKZMe Designs

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The most important social platform for marketers is... *source Social Media Examiner

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The most important social platform for YOU is... *source Social Media Examiner Where your Audience is & Where they are ready to do business!

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Making it All EASIER Don’t forget to Pin something today

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post to social media post from social media POST TO WordPress Great for news and sports site IFTTT Use Hashtag #CTWordCamp

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schedule post to website Schedule social media post One of the few that schedule to google plus Also good for Micro Blogging Hootesuite Say hi on Facebook

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Contact me @akzmedesigns Slides: Q&A Thanks for playing along ?

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My post frequency Facebook 1-2 a day Twitter 5-10 times ? (I’ll explain later) LinkedIn and Google + 2-3 times a week Pinterest, Instagram, Stumble upon every once and while the only payment promotion I do is promote on FB about 2-3 times a month