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Presenters Sam Mazaheri Director of Marketing at AdStage. @sammmer Sarah Stemen Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing. @runnerkik

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Join the conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.

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Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc Less than 1 year 1-3 years 3-5 years 5+ years

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Live Poll Question #2 How do you manage your account(s)? #thinkppc I manage it myself. I’m part of a team that manages it. I outsource my account management. I’m rethinking how my account is managed.

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What themes should you consider for 2015? With so much changing in the world of online advertising, what topics should you investigate and allocate resources towards in 2015? Devices Audiences Shopping Social Content Intro

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What does mobile mean for your business? In 2014, Mobile share grew rapidly and can’t be ignored, the iPhone 6 has brought large screens to the mainstream, and AdWords began favoring callouts on mobile. Make sure site performs best on top devices Review your mobile bid modifiers Optimize ad copy with callout extensions Mobile

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Cross-Device Experiences Is there unity between your many channels? Users are encountering your brand across multiple channels and devices on the path to purchase, making a unified message more important. Audit your cross-channel assets for unity Big companies: Don’t put mobile in a silo

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Audiences vs. Keywords How can you look past keywords to audiences? In 2014, audience targeting has gained ground as the alternative to search terms targeting. SEO and [not provided] prepared us for this and social advertising warmed us up to audience targeting. Segment audiences by intent/context Expand your retargeting segments Consider marketing automation

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Understanding Audiences How well do you know your audience? In 2014, Enhanced Campaign strategy matured and made it more important to know your target markets’ technology habits. Study your audience for current usage patterns Learn which settings and messaging will work best

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What are your plans for cross-device tracking? #thinkppc We’ve already implemented it We’re planning to tackle it this year It’s on our radar, but no plans yet We aren’t going to implement it Live Poll Question #3

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Shopping Are you present where buyers shop? In 2014, Google Shopping strategies matured, Bing/Facebook/Twitter rolled out shopping ad types. Evaluate which new channels you need to embrace Consider developing a dedicated mobile app

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Social Are you reaching your audience outside of search? In 2014, social budgets grew as advertisers took advantage of powerful new ad types across social networks. Shift from organic social to paid social Test ads across each relevant social networks Leverage new ad types

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Content Are you amplifying your content’s impact? In 2014, paid promotion of content increased and as the SEO landscape changed. Test promoted content on social networks Track engagement in addition to conversion

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Live Poll Question #4 FREE Account Assessment from Hanapin (for accounts spending more than 20K/mo) FREE Trial of AdStage (All-in-one platform for search, social and display advertising, Both No Thanks Would you like help with your PPC accounts and management? I’m interested in:

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Live Q&A Time!

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Have more questions? Thank you for attending our webinar! #thinkppc Contact us Directly: Hanapin Feedback: [email protected] AdStage Feedback: [email protected]