A look at our API Roadmap David Haskiya 2014-06-19

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A look at our API Roadmap David Haskiya 2014-06-19

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Table of Contents Introductions Looking back on the API roadmap Looking forward on the API roadmap Q&A

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Looking back

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The road travelled The basics: search, record More advanced stuff: spatial search, time interval search,fielded search, who/what/when/where search, similar records We added support for My Europeana Authentication, Saving&tagging records, Retrieving saved/tagged records. We've added some new record response formats: JSON-LD, RDF/XML “Can I use it?”-filter added Timestamp queries (time of update/publication in Europeana) We have “official” client libraries for Java and Ruby. And community created ones for PHP, Django, Python (1,2) and Node.js

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Looking forward

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Query translation Will allow translation of search keywords into other languages Intended to be used to then expand the follow up query Church OR Kerk OR Kirche OR Kyrka... Based on querying Wikipedia interwiki links And will thus work best for named entities: places, persons, periods, subjects, topic, famous works, etc. ETA: August If it passes the load tests. Those OR queries can be scary.

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Media queries Will allow filtering results to only objects that have links to media files Give me all object matching “what: Charles Dickens”, where media type=IMAGE and which has links to images Will allow filtering of results based on technical qualities of the linked media files “Give me all objects matching “what: Charles Dickens”, where media type=IMAGE and which have links to images that are 1MP+ Will focus on images first but will also support querying on technical qualities of audio files, text files, and video files ETA: Turn of the year

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Annotations Will allow authenticated My Europeana users to add public annotations to records in Europeana and which will be indexed/stored for search and display Tags, Image annotations, Sets Other types of annotations to be added after these first three. Ideas on which would be the most useful welcome! ETA: Turn of the year

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Other protocols and APIs OAI-PMH server For when you want a full local copy ETA: August Topped up triple store and SPARQL end-point For really complex queries with results in RDF ETA: August Semantic enrichment API For aligning strings with things ETA: Turn of the year

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Ideas SSL encryption Custom facets API-health report Others?

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Thank you!