10 Conditionsfor Cost Estimation of an iOS Application

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10 Conditions for Cost Estimation of an iOS Application

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The Cost Estimate of iOS Application Development  Depends on 10 Basic Conditions.

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Web services-driven applications are considered simple over the applications where you are working on socket communication, playing with media, 2D/3D animations etc. Integration of 3rd party also considered sometimes complex based on support, Integration with Enterprise system is also considered complex as it need functional knowledge as well. Complexity 1

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A Complex Application we need high-value, experienced resources and up to date devices for testing and software for testing and development purposes 2 Required Resources

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Operating the business at scale means allocating and optimizing resources to drive the greatest results and volume across market segments. Companies can leverage their size by negotiating exclusive dealings, favorable terms and volume discounts with other organizations. 3 Scale of Operation

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The price may vary if you are looking at adding quality animations and custom control. It makes higher chances that the users get fascinated by the animation or get addicted to custom controls provided by your application. 4 Animation & Custom Controls

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Different Operating System versions and screen resolution you are targeting is considered in costing. 5 Reach-ability

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On iPad we have a bigger space and we can utilize that for more information in that case we maintain different screens for different resolutions but in mobile the space availability is limited so this also adds into costing of an iOS app.? 6 Different Layout for Different Screen Sizes

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Some project are having too much use cases and some need outdoor testing some need testing in specific environment, so QA requirement also contribute to cost. 7 QA Requirement in the Project

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What kind of support we are looking at from the client end also has an impact on software cost. 8 Support Requirement in the Project

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9 Planned Enhancement We need to structure our code so that it should have pluggable workflow if we have planned versions in advance that also add to efforts.

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Sometimes to target a short timeline we have to put multiple resources in parallel, that leads to integration cost as well as there is wasting in resource utilization all are added to project cost. 10 Timeline you are Targeting

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