Wordpress -> Middleman: Lessons Learned in the 2 Years Since Migrating

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wordpress -> middleman lessons learned in the 2-years since migrating

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About James · Front-end Dev · Focused on ZURB Foundation · Author, Blogger, vLogger

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How do you survive the Hacker News Front Page?

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Wordpress usually won't cut it

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Most Heroku rails apps die

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We added more dyno's! It's back up!

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How do you survive as a blogger · 6,000 users within about an hour · If they stayed a minute on average · 100 concurrent users minimum · Large spike at the start tapering off

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The tests 1 · Started with ab (Apache Bench) · Static variant against an optimized wpsupercache enabled Wordpress site, same content · Traded Apache for Nginx, started optimizing · RackSpace 512mb Ubuntu based server 1 http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/programs/ab.html

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The results · Even simple php scripts ran 6 - 12x slower than a static counterpart · Approximately the same ratio for the number of concurrent connections with minimal slowdown

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Static Site Generators

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Octopress · complicated themes with a lot of partial granularity · themes were not great, had an Octopress look

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Middleman · Very flexible · Ruby based · Sprockets Asset Pipeline · Worked great with ZURB Foundation · Could create anything you want fast

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commit 020f4159ba448412fadc461c097dc637c18d85f4 Author: James Stone <[email protected]> Date: Sat Nov 23 21:02:54 2013 +0100 initial commit

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James Stone @JAMESSTONEco [email protected]

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