5 Steps to Build Websites That Work

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Let’s chat. Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. Who am I? What’s a website for? 5 Step Process Case Studies

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Hello. I’m Dan. Co-Founder of myPocketMarketing Marketing Director of Newmind Group Inc Co-Event organizer of TEDxKalamazoo Instructor at WMU of Internet Marketing @DanDiggler [email protected]

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What’s a website for?

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B2C B2B Convert on the website Research the company Learn about company Identify & compare values Engage with the brand Learn about the solution/product

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B2C organizations should strive to convert users directly on the website B2B organizations should spend time building social proof and trust

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Step 1: Who is it for?

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0.5 sec time it takes consumers to form an opinion about your business based on the design of your website

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65% consumers who use the mobile web to do their retail research *According to a Google Survey

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Your website must allow visitors to complete THEIR goals easily. Your website must look good on all devices.

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Step 2: What goals do you have?

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Example: InterCom

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Examples Generate leads -----------------------------> Generate ______ leads per month Make more money -----------------------------> Increase conversion rate to ________% in 2016 Increase brand awareness ---------------------> Boost sessions in Q1 for the {kalamazoo metro area} to ________

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Define S.M.A.R.T. goals based on business strategy. Identify Metrics that measure those goals.

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Step 3: Build It

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S.M.A.R.T. Goal Feature

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<4 sec time in which 64% of smartphone users expect websites to load

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WordPress Squarespace Tools They don’t matter… sort of Wix Joomla Drupal HTML/CSS/JS

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Use goals to identify features. Load fast. Work everywhere.

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Step 4: Measure

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Example: InterCom

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Easy to understand dashboard. Only choose a few metrics.

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Step 5: Evaluate & Evolve

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Websites don’t work forever. Quarterly/yearly reviews. Have a budget for updates.

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Intercom Kalamazoo

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Increase & Automate Communication Goals the basics... Increase Awareness Attract Younger Demographic Measure what’s going on

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Increase Visibility SEO & Shareability

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Technical Validated proper coding Meta tags Social Integrations Sitemaps

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Increase & Automate Communication Integrations and off-site functionality

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Next Event Event Recap Thought Leadership Newsletter

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New Subscriber Other Drips New Member Member Renewal

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Attract Younger Demographic Visual Appeal & Device Compatibility

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Measure what’s going on Simple dashboard & reporting

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Example: InterCom

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5 Step Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Who Goals (Make sure they’re S.M.A.R.T.) Build Measure Evaluate & Evolve

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Let’s build great websites. [email protected] www.mypocketmarketing.com +1 269-783-5227

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