Sense and Sensibility: The Future of Making Things

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Sense & Sensibility: The future of making things @iotwatch [email protected]

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Product & interaction designer First UK distributor of the Arduino (2007-2010) Founder Good Night Lamp & consultant designswarm

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NB: I know as much as you do about the future. I know nothing about how you live.

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Nations are rarely islands. Everyone has a neighbour.

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‘Making’ is not an island, isolated from the pressures of capitalism and consumerism.

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It leads to consumerism

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It is hiding behind a story of education and development.

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It is hiding behind crowdfunding and investment.

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It is hiding behind a story of invention.

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And it doesn’t always work.

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Or worse.

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So where does making belong?

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Where politicians won’t go.

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For conservation of the few.

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Where open means opening up a closed slow market.

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Because we have the power of ideas, we need to be careful about where we bring them to life.

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What is the role of the city?

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Engage and educate citizens.

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Get corporations to be better citizens.

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Financially support making small, open things.

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Build new visions for the future.

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Support making small, open things.

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Thank you. @iotwatch [email protected]

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