How To Avoid a Website Redesign Disaster - Paul Rouke at Digital Marketing Show 2015

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HOW TO AVOID A WEBSITE REDESIGN DISASTER PAUL ROUKE Founder & Director of Optimisation at PRWD @paulrouke @paulrouke #DMS2015

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ABOUT PRWD Optimising online experiences since 2004, offering consumer insight & process driven A/B testing, strategic conversion optimisation programmes and business maturity audits The sole UK representative on the Global Optimisation Group, alongside world leading agencies WiderFunnel, Web Arts & Conversionista Senior team made up from some of the UK’s biggest growth success stories such as and Shop Direct Group Average 541% ROI delivered through PRWD’s Growth Methodology™ with a focus on psychology and customer research, delivering full spectrum testing @paulrouke #DMS2015

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The classic website redesign will die Replaced by Data Driven Redesign (DDR) @paulrouke #DMS2015

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But why?! I like the classic way @paulrouke #DMS2015

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You are switching between 2 very different experiences & introducing 100’s or 1000’s of changes in one go @paulrouke #DMS2015

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They have all the latest bells & whistles & which old bells have now been replaced which your visitors actually liked? But do your visitors really care? @paulrouke #DMS2015

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The HIPPO overrules insights, intelligence & data more on the HIPPO later… @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Lip service is paid to “being customer centric” & “user testing” is one of the 1st (and easiest) things to get cut in order to reduce budgets or save time @paulrouke #DMS2015

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A/B testing isn’t even a consideration for redesigning online experiences @paulrouke #DMS2015

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A/B Testing is not about tweaking button colours & copy @paulrouke #DMS2015

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In the last 10 years how many times has this brand redesigned their website? @paulrouke #DMS2015

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@paulrouke #DMS2015

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Amazon are accurately measuring the impact of changes in a controlled manner @paulrouke #DMS2015

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“If you double the intelligence behind your test hypotheses you’re going to double your Continuous Business Growth (CBG) potential” Paul Rouke, Founder of PRWD @paulrouke #DMS2015

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So what exactly is Data Driven Redesign (DDR)? & why does it need to replace your next redesign? @paulrouke #DMS2015

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You are capturing the revenue lost between the usual website redesigns @paulrouke #DMS2015

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You identify both simple & radical ways to improve @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Agility minimises wasted time & creates the opportunity to out-grow your competition @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Whilst continually increasing revenues & growing your business You continually learn about your prospects & customers @paulrouke #DMS2015

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A few savvy businesses have started evolving @paulrouke #DMS2015

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@paulrouke #DMS2015

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IT ER A T IVE A / B T ESTING INNOVATIVE A/B TESTING Almost all businesses stay about here You have to embrace full OPPORTUNITY spectrum testing @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Sliderobes Sliderobes are specialists in fitted sliding wardrobe doors and storage. They offer customers creative solutions to their storage problems, with an end -toend service through design, manufacture and installation. @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Control @paulrouke #DMS2015

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PRWD Variation @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Result + 20% Brochure Requests CONSISTENTLY COMMUNICATE HOW GOOD YOU ARE @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Option 1 @paulrouke #DMS2015

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Option 2 @paulrouke #DMS2015

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+ 18% Brochure Requests @paulrouke #DMS2015

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@paulrouke #DMS2015

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EXAMPLES OF INNOVATIVE A/B TESTING Radical, insight driven page redesigns Unique value proposition testing Strategic growth opportunity testing Exploration tests prior to changing back-end systems Reducing steps within a flow i.e. checkout, application, registration Business model testing @paulrouke #DMS2015

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RADICAL & INNOVATIVE A/B TESTING Control @paulrouke #DMS2015

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RADICAL & INNOVATIVE A/B TESTING PRWD Test Variation @paulrouke #DMS2015

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RADICAL & INNOVATIVE A/B TESTING Result + 78% New visitor sign-ups @paulrouke #DMS2015

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8 STEPS FOR DATA DRIVEN REDESIGN 1 Foundations - get the right foundations (inc. HIPPO buy-in) in place for optimisation 2 Quality – focus on quality of A/B tests, then quantity 3 Intelligence - start with intelligent, research driven simple iterative tests 4 Identification – use insights from simple tests & research to identify redesign test opportunities 5 Momentum – continually build up A/B testing momentum, buy-in and awareness of learnings 6 Business case – use ROI from simple/iterative tests to provide the business case for redesign testing 7 8 Go innovative - begin planning and delivering bold, innovative tests alongside iterative tests Growth - grow faster than your competition by exploiting the full spectrum of testing opportunities @paulrouke #DMS2015

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CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY Before your competitors really start controlling theirs… @paulrouke #DMS2015

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