Mind Melds and BattleBots: Creating the Right Kind of Designer/Developer Dynamic

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mind melds & BATTLE BOTS Designer/Developer

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Who are we? Don Bora Carolyn Chandler Eight Bit Studios Mobile Makers @dbora Mira Fitness Co-Author, UX Design books @chanan

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Who Are You? ? ?

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We all want to create great stuff

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What problems are we attacking?

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BattleBot mode wastes a lot of energy for fight strategy

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Mind melds aren’t always good goatee of evil

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We have communication issues Designers often hear: “Then you can make it pretty” “It’s just common sense, right?” “Isn’t that a training issue?”

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We have communication issues Developers often hear… “It’s easy…” “Can’t we just…?” “I’ve seen this done a million times.”

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Why is this urgent?

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Tech changes so fast…

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Unicorns are the new pidgeons

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Teams are mixed & distributed

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Start with empathy…

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Designer Empathy happy trees

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What’s Possible? Over/Under Communication

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Developer Empathy

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Last Developer Standing Things can go wrong and when they do, it’s usually in the 11th hour

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Too much info Dire messages Blame the user A good way to handle unknown errors:

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Windows 10…

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We are all craftspeople working on shifting sands

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What tactics can help?

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On Projects…

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MEETINGS The main waste is the time you DON’T spend in mind setting

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What’s our level of detail? FORESTS TREES WEEDS

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What is the intention? Designers can ask: What data do we have that we’re not taking good advantage of? EXPLORING Developers can ask: What patterns (like navigational frameworks) do we want to start following early on?

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What is the intention? EXPLORING PROPOSING Both ask: Does this reflect our business goals and identity? If not this exact thing… what can we do? Is there something that gets us close? What if…?

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What is the intention? EXPLORING PROPOSING DECIDING Both ask: What principles should drive our decisionmaking? Do we all understand the pros and cons of the choice? (for example, build or buy)

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Brainstorming “Yes, and…”

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Rubber Ducking “I just need to talk this through for a bit…”

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Gap Finding “What if…”

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developers… Replace… with… “We don’t know…” “Here’s what we can do…” “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed

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developers… Be the right kind of cocky “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed

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Developers, invite designers to a hack-a-thon

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Designers, host a spark-a-thon “Type a quote here.” –Johnny Appleseed http://bit.ly/1FjSJmR

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Thank You! Don Bora Carolyn Chandler [email protected] @dbora [email protected] @chanan Join us for our panel next door!

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