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2015 Santa  Clara,  California Keynote  11 Data  Center  Evolution: Hyperscale  vs.  Enterprise   Architectures ​Val  Bercovici Cloud  and  Big  Data  Czar NetApp,  Inc. ​@valb00

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Science  (Fiction?) Exponential  Growth   of  Computing 20th  Through   21st  Centuries URL: 2 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.  

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S M A C SOCIAL MOBILE ANALYTICS CLOUD Social Mobile Analytics Cloud 25% 75% 63% 60% productivity  increase1 3 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved. of  the  world’s  population   have  a  mobile  device2 Competitive  advantage4 of  CIOs  indicate  that  cloud  is   one  of  their  Top  5  priorities3

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Evolving  Application  Architecture  Landscape OLTP Enterprise Hyperscale NewSQL Emerging NoSQL Application Data  Model Block File 4 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Key-­Value   Store Columnar, Document, Graph Streaming, Resource  Mgmt at  Scale

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Sample  Polyglot  App Product  Images Object  Store User  Sessions KV  Store Financial   Transactions Relational  Store Shopping  Cart KV  Session   Personalized   Store Recommendations   Graph  Store Product  Catalog Document  Store 5 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved. Analytics Column  Store

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Unintended  Consequences S M A C SOCIAL MOBILE ANALYTICS CLOUD SMAC Data  Management  Ramifications Supply  Chain  Trends 6 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.  

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Economics  Driving  Polarization  of  Storage Solid  State 95%  R  /  5%  W DRAM Google   SCM $$$ Quarterly  Spend $3.5B Yearly  Spend $14B All? SLC eMLC MLC TLC 3D Yearly  Spend HDD 1%  R  /  99%  W Ent Drive Cloud Archive Performance Capacity Access  Latency 7 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   TAPE $50B<

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Storage  Intelligence  1.0 “NetApp  selected  Samsung  solid-­state   drives to  bring  enterprise-­grade   performance  and  capacity to  a  customer   base  that  also  expects  the  cost   effectiveness of  V-­NAND  TLC  flash. The   combination  of  NetApp  Clustered  Data   ONTAP  software  value  with  Samsung   hardware  component  expertise  has   helped  the  NetApp  All  Flash  FAS  array   become  the  fastest  growing  product  in   NetApp  history.” – Lee  Caswell,  VP Product  and  Solutions  Marketing NetApp,  Inc. 8 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   T10 T13 Storage   Intelligence   1.0

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New  Memory  /  Storage  Tiers 9 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.  

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NVM/Persistent  Memory  Programming  Model  – Standard  Access   Raw   Access File   Access NVM  Regions  Exposed  as  Files File  F ile  or   Raw  Access Management   File   Applications   Access (GUI,  CLI,  CIM) Middleware   (e.g.  JVM) NVM  Management File  System Optimized  Applications User NVM  User-­space  API Control   Path NVM  Customer   Kernel  Modules Open  NVM  Kernel  API Block  Layer NVM    API Data   Path Kernel Naming  Layer NVM  Driver NVM  Hardware 10 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Hardware

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Management  in  the  SCM  Data  Path:  Latency  Rules OnCommand.Next Application Data  Model Operating  System Hypervisor Server-­side   Persistence  Store 11 Server ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Application Application Data  Model Data  Model Data  Model SCM  Driver SCM  Driver SCM  Driver Operating  System SCM  Driver Application Operating  System Operating  System Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor Server-­side  P ersistence  S tore Server Server-­side  P ersistence  S tore Server NFS/Block/LRSE AFF  Cluster Server-­side  P ersistence  S tore Server

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New  Data  Center  Storage  Stack  Circa  2020 Distributed/Parallel   Processing Compute Node Compute Node Host  Cache Software Data Node Compute Node Compute Node Mem ßà Mem RDMA   (iWARP/RoCE) Data Node Data Node Data Node Independent   Scaling Compute Node SCM Data Node Persistence/Intelligent  Caching  Layer 1  μsec Data  Globally   Managed  by   Federated/Shared   Storage XaaS Shared  Storage  (POSIX  +  Object) 12 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.  

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Waterfall  “Lean  Cloud” (Enterprise  &  Hyperscale) Lifecycle  Comparisons App/Container  lifecycle  placement  to maximize  hybrid  cloud  economics   2015 Santa  Clara,  California

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Summary:  Cloud  Landscape  Since  1/1/2012 Source:  Gartner,  July  2013 Note:  Estimates  per  2013.  Cloud   includes  SaaS,  PaaS and  IaaS.   Overall  IT  includes  worldwide  spend   in  Data  Center  Systems,  Enterprise   Software  and  IT  Services. The  BVP   Cloud  Index Bessemer  Venture   Partners August   2015 14

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Cost  of  Cloud  Price  Index  Specification  Over  Time n  =  Market  Weighted  Average  of  70%  of  Market Cloud  Price  Index,   451   Research,   July  16,   2015 15 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.  

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Enterprise  Technology  Spend  Ratios   2008 2014 IT  Budget 66 % % 20 Run LoB  Tech  Spend ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   14 Transform Grow 16 %

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Tech  Spend  à Mapped  to  Project  Lifecycles Transform 14% Run 66% 17 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Grow 20%

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Application  Lifecycles Dev/Test Lab Maintain Legacy  Infrastructure   18 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Deploy/Scale New  Infrastructure

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Amazon  Web   Services  IaaS   (Storage)   Deployments:   Analysis  and  Insight   IDC  #255387 April  2015   19

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Economics  of  a  Hybrid  Cloud  Ecosystem Hyperscale AWS,  Azure, GCE,  Aliyun Burst  for Peak Workloads Hosting/ On-­Premise GoDaddy,  Dreamhost 20 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Lower Production Costs (M)SP Host Static Workloads Verizon,  T-­Systems, Telstra,  HP,  Rackspace

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Management New  Resource  Managers  and  Control  Points Persistence Storage Infrastructure OpenStack  /  Mesos  /  YARN  /  Kubernetes HCI  /  RSA Swift  /  Riak Spark  /  Flink Converged HDFS  /  CEPH Redis /  Tachyon Scale-­Up 21 ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   Scale-­Out In-­Memory

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Management Architecture  Biases:  Today Persistence Storage Infrastructure Hyperscale Scale-­Out Scale-­Up 22 Hosting/ On-­Premise ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   (M)SP Scale-­Up Scale-­Out

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Management Architecture  Biases:  Tomorrow Persistence Storage Infrastructure Hyperscale In-­Memory Scale-­Out Scale-­Up 23 Hosting/ On-­Premise ©  2015  NetApp,  I nc.  All  rights  reserved.   (M)SP Scale-­Up Scale-­Up

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Thank  You 2015 Santa  Clara,  California

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