This Carrier Has the Fastest NetworkAnd It Probably Isn’t Who You Think

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This Carrier Has the Fastest Network And It Probably Isn’t Who You Think

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Wireless carriers are constantly spending money to upgrade their networks.

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Because they know that having the fastest and most reliable network is a great way to attract customers.

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That’s why T-Mobile is likely rejoicing this month.

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Because Internet speed tester, Ookla, recently said that T-Mobile has the fastest wireless speeds of any U.S. carrier.

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The Ookla survey averaged 5 million speed tests together from different locations across the country.

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And T-Mobile’s average LTE speeds were 19.62 Mbps, while second-place Verizon had 18.52 Mbps. Source: Ookla.

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That may be a bit surprising, considering T-Mobile is only the nation’s third-largest carrier.

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But T-Mobile has been working hard on its LTE connections over the past few years, and now reaches 290 million points-of-presence.

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And the carrier is excelling in more than just network speed tests too.

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J.D. Power just named T-Mobile the top carrier for customer service performance among full-service U.S. wireless providers.

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In addition to that, the carrier is adding new customers like gangbusters.

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In Q2 2015, T-Mobile added 2.1 million total net customers.

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That marks the ninth consecutive quarter T-Mobile’s added more than 1 million customers in a quarter.

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Of course, having the fastest network in the country isn’t the sole reason why users are flocking to T-Mobile.

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But it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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