What Will Virtual Reality's Impact Be on Key Sectors?

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF @PSFK | #FutureofVR Download the full Virtual Reality Debrief: psfk.com/report/vr-virtual-reality

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@PSFK | #FutureofVR VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF A Look Into VR Use Cases 01 Health & Fitness 04 Art & Architecture 02 Travel & Hospitality 07 Gaming & Storytelling 05 Culture & Social Innovation 03 Retail & Marketing 06 Media & Entertainment

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #01 Health & Fitness Creating digital experiences that help people quantify progress, and stay motivated to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Widerun Software Lets Cyclists Experience Epic Rides Through Fictional Worlds @widerun @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Deepstream Immersive Game Distracts Burn Victims From Their Pain @deepstreamvr @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #02 Travel & Hospitality Allowing travelers to experience far flung destinations and luxury services from anywhere to get them excited about upcoming trips. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Destination British Columbia Tourism Agency Creates Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Tour Of Canada’s North Coast @UNIT9 | @HelloBC @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Marriott Virtual Honeymoon Station Takes Newlyweds On A Virtual Round-The-World Trip @marriott @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #03 Retail & Marketing Building experiences that let customers take products on virtual test drives or immerse themselves in brand stories to drive them towards a purchase. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Chevrolet Auto Brand Invites Drivers To Discover New Zealand Through VR Test Drive Paired With Haptic Feedback @chevrolet @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF The North Face Brand Offers First-Hand Perspective Of Extreme Activities to Promote Outdoor Gear @thenorthface @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #04 Art & Architecture Using digital as a way to breathe new life into spaces both real and imagined. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF CommonFloor House Hunters Can Search For Their Dream Home Without Ever Leaving The Couch @commonfloor @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Hakanai Artists Brings Black Box to Life With Digital Overlays @AdrienMClaireB @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #05 Culture & Social Innovation Giving viewers the opportunity to experience social issues up close to build connections, empathy and understanding. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF The New Museum Visitors Are Transported To The Center Of A Rapidly Disappearing Rain Forest @newmuseum @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Clouds Over Sidra Documentary Follows Syrian Refugee Offering A Glimpse Of Her Day-To-Day Life @vrse @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #06 Media & Entertainment Placing viewers in the center of immersive narratives to capture their attention and bring fantastical adventures closer to reality. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Jaunt Cinematic Experience Allows Music Lovers to Watch Paul McCartney’s Performance In 360 Degrees @jauntvr @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Catatonic Audiovisual VR Experience Transports Viewers Straight Into A 1940’s Mental Hospital @VRSEWORKS @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF #07 Gaming & Storytelling Building the next generation of interactive experiences to life by bringing digital experiences to life in physical environments. @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Merrell Simulated Environment Paired With Digital Experience Lets People Walk Across A Drawbridge In Brand Shoes @merrelloutside @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF The Void Experience Marries VR And AR Tech, Allowing Players To Move Around In A Physical Space Populated With A Virtual World @voidvr @PSFK | #FutureofVR

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@PSFK | #FutureofVR VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF Key Lessons #1 Try Before You Buy #2 Narratives Become Interactive #3 Empathy Gets Ignited #4 Boundaries Disappear #5 Industries Reimagined

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VIRTUAL REALITY DEBRIEF @PSFK | #FutureofVR Download the full Virtual Reality Debrief: psfk.com/report/vr-virtual-reality

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