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There’s nothing quite as disheartening as finally settling on the perfect domain name... Choosing a domain name isn’t as easy as it used to be. ...only to find that it’s already taken.

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01 Use your targeted keyword in ∂ your domain name Learn More If you want to find something that ideally targets keywords relevant to your industry, use free tools like Ubersuggest to find phrases around the term you ∂ want in the URL and then search to see if it’s available.

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02 LOGO HERE Take your keywords to bust a name and come∂ up with unique combinations. Learn More My secret weapon is I use it all the time to generate a name based on ∂ keywords related to the new site

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03 Search for domain names from failed businesses in your ∂ industry and grab them up. Learn More One of my few tricks up my sleeve: Check out demised businesses in the same ∂ industry; then see if the domain name has lapsed; grab it!

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04 Get creative now and go for an unusual domain and shoot for a ∂ .com name later on. Learn More We tend to go with a more creative domain to start, thinking that we’ll pay for that one ∂ great .com if we’re successful later on. Our current site is as in get treat.

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05 Use many domain name generators to find the best word combination ∂ for your domain name Learn More I like to play around with the countless domain name generators. These make it easy to mix and match your ∂ keywords, add common internet prefixes/suffixes and see which domains are still available.

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06 Need a list of what to look ∂ for in your domain name? Learn More The first step is to create the committee or team in charge, identify who else should be ∂ involved in the process and then set the criteria.

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07 Be sure to list the names you like in a central location ∂ like Evernote. Learn More Ask yourself if the domain name is something that has a high search volume? Is it relevant to ∂ your website? Do you want to brand yourself or influence SEO based on your URL name?

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08 What’s popular in the news about your industry? Use those cues to ∂ come up with a domain name. Learn More Also get feedback from friends, customers and if possible, those experienced/in the know on a provided goods/service to∂be covered on the website before selecting final, chosen domain name.

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09 Use a domain name that is your business name and make it easy for ∂ your customers to find you Learn More Our domain name∂is the same as our business name with a .com on the end.

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10 Keep your domain name short and clear, don’t go for long, drawn out ∂ names that are hard to remember. Learn More Our criteria for choosing a domain name: as short as possible, while giving enough ∂ information of what the client does without being generic.

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11 Use the new extensions and country codes to keep your domain name ∂ name memorable and recognizable. Learn More It’s to hard to find a great available domain name in the typical extensions but thankfully there are lots of alternatives including the∂classic country codes and new extensions.

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12 There’s wisdom in using a top level ∂ domain name (.com, .org, .edu)… Learn More We source many domains for our clients and most seek a TLD (Top Level Domain) for good reason. There are SEO∂issues to take account of as well.

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13 Be ready to buy a domain name ∂ as soon as you think it’s perfect. Learn More You may only have seconds to buy it. I keep a couple windows open. One to see where the ∂ domain is and another to see if it can be registered.

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14 Will the domain name you do choose work well with your ∂ business name? Learn More You want to choose a domain name that is relevant to the product or service your ∂ business provides.

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15 Here’s an easy checklist for ∂ choosing a great domain name. Learn More A great domain name typically has the following: Is short, Easy to spell, Easy to ∂ pronounce, Is a .com domain extension.

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16 Can’t use your company name? ∂ Turn it into a phrase. Learn More A great domain name typically has the following: Is short, Easy to spell, Easy to ∂ pronounce, Is a .com domain extension.

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17 What generic domain can work ∂ for your business? Learn More Small business looking for the perfect domain name need to know about the recently expanded set∂of gTLDs (generic toplevel domains)

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18 Don’t let the perfect generic domains get snapped up by your ∂ competition. Learn More Companies and individuals seek to build and maintain an online brand, it is crucial that a ∂ memorable and unique domain name is utilized.

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19 Use your domain as an opportunity ∂ for SEO. Learn More Choosing unique names such as Google might seem a good idea, but it will work ∂ against small businesses without the marketing budget.

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20 If you use a keyword domain name, make it an exact match for your ∂ business. Learn More Pick a domain that is short and sweet ∂ as well as brandable and memorable so that people will remember you by it.

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21 LOGO HERE Avoid brand or trademarked names in your∂domain name. Learn More When selecting a domain name, never ∂ include a trademarked name such as

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22 Consider the future. Don’t call yourself if you ∂ plan to grow. Learn More Make sure your domain name is futureproof. You don’t want a domain name to ∂ box you in and prevent you from expanding.

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23 Click here to check out the ∂ guide for dropped domains! Learn More Here’s a handy infographic to help you ∂ find dropped or expired domains.

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24 Get the list of tools to help you generate the perfect ∂ domain name! Learn More Here’s a list of 10 domain name ∂ generators to help you find the perfect domain name.

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25 Search over hundreds domain names and social networks ∂ at once. Learn More Make sure you can use it on social ∂ media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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