RFID: Past, Present, and Future

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TheHISTORY WHAT IS RFID? Two technologies were patented in 1973: Mario W. Cardullo patented an active tag that broadcasts a signal. Charles Walton patented a passive tag that reflected back a signal sent to it. RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION

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ThePast WORLD WAR II Germans, Japanese, Americans, and British were using radar to spot approaching planes, but they couldn’t tell which planes were enemies and which were allies. THE GERMANS The Germans learned that they could roll their planes and it would generate a different signal. THE BRITISH The British started a secret project where they placed a transmitter on each plane that would receive signals from stations on the ground, then transmit a signal back identifying it as an ally.

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ThePresent EXERCISE One company has combined the medical records angle and the credit card angle and is marketing it to joggers, so that they don’t have to carry medical ID tags and credit cards with them if they’re out exercising. +

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ThePast AGRICULTURAL Los Alamos was also commissioned (by the Agricultural Department) to develop a system for tracking cows and making sure each cow was being given the proper doses of medicine and not accidentally being dosed twice. No. LOS ALAMOS 12 TRACKING LBS 1,524 med 20ml age 10yr GP 270d No. LOS ALAMOS 29 TRACKING LBS 127 med 20ml age 5 mo fod yes MODERN COWS In a later version, the transponder was encapsulated in glass and injected under the cow’s skin, which is still used around the world today.

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ThePresent THE NFL The NFL is using them in several stadiums and, in 2014, placed two chips on each player to track movement direction, distance, speed, and orientation to gather additional statistics in real time. No. MARSHAWN 24 LYNCH 24 Yds 1,306 lng 79T Avg 4.7 td 13

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SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT More and more, RFID tags are being used to track products, from the site where it is manufactured all the way to the point of purchase. While previously, due to cost restrictions, RFID tags were primarily used for tracking full pallets and higher end items, their prevalence in the industry is growing. RFID tags can now be used to lead stock pickers to the exact location of a particular item, and they can be used to inventory 20,000 items per hour at 99 percent accuracy, or even higher.

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TheFuture WASHABLE RFID Washable RFID tags are in development to put on things such as hotel towels so that they can be tracked, both through the hotel laundering process, and in case they are stolen. One hotel has used it to decrease the money lost on towel theft from $4,000/month to $750/month. FOOD One group is looking into adding RFID chips to food to send information about the food to a personal computer or smartphone, giving information such as calorie counts, allergen content, or even potentially telling a smart fridge when food has gone bad.

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TheFuture TRAVEL Tagging suitcases so that people can track their luggage with a smartphone. It’s been a consideration to make this bag a rental service - rent the bag, it’s delivered to your house, you pack it, and a delivery service picks it up and takes it to the airport for you.

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TheConspiracies TRACKABLE AND HACKABLE Mythbusters was forced to cancel an episode in which they talked about how hackable and trackable RFID chips can be. Legal reps from Visa, Discover, and American Express threatened to pull all advertising from the Discovery Channel if the episode aired, and so it was cancelled. E C SO N D E R

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TheConspiracies TRACKING CITIZENS Other theorists suggest that the US government will use RFID implants/IDS/passports to track citizens wherever they go and according to what the New World Order wants.

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