The Big Deal About Small Displays

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WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT SMALL DISPLAYS? Organizations are using smaller digital displays to help their message make a bigger impact. Over the last few years, large format displays (LFD’s) have made a big impact in helping busi nesses and Over the last few years, largeout to consumers more effectively. Now, small institutions get their messaging format displays (LFDs) have made a big displays areimpact demand and are having just as much of an impact butmessaging out to in high in helping businesses and institutions get their in a much more focused way. consumers more effectively. Now, small displays are in high demand and are having just as much of an impact but in a much more focused way. SMALL DISPLAY. BIG IMPACT. While large format displays are great for mass messaging, small displays enable a more personal and interactive experience. Smaller displays can: Deliver instant updates and info feeds Meeting in Progress Stay up-to-date on meetings, appointments or conferences when small signage displays are placed on walls outside meeting rooms. Available at 1:30pm Promote a variety of eye-catching messaging or advertisements in 2 for 1 WHY SAMSUNG SMALL SIGNAGE? Samsung Small Signage simplifies the delivery of high-resolution images and graphics in a manner you’ve come to expect from Samsung. Our System on Chip (SoC) technology allows users to easily show media with no external PC required. ALL-IN-ONE Present more dynamic graphics with built-in quad-core processor. Signage Platform allows you to manage and update content remotely via the cloud. The only cable you need is power. SAMSUNG SMALL SIGNAGE VERSUS CONSUMER TABLET Some businesses deploy expensive consumer tablets with high hopes, only to be left empty handed. VS. CONSUMER TABLET* SAMSUNG SMALL SIGNAGE BRIGHTNESS Lower brightness Higher brightness IMAGE RETENTION Image retention issue Anti-image retention RUNTIME Limited daily runtime 16hrs x 7 days runtime R YEA 1- S EAR 2-3 Y WARRANTY CONNECTIVITY Limited connectivity Various input ports and Wi-Fi Control AM Display PM Display CONTENT MANAGEMENT App-based only Includes media player and MagicInfo software (Allows users to schedule content and choose different templates for content appearance) MORE CONTROL UPDATE DISPLAY Limited to no remote management Enables remote management of content and device Back WALL MOUNT COMPATIBILITY Requires custom cage to hold tablet in place Utilizes the industry standard VESA compatible wall-mount interface Talk to your authorized dealer today 866-SAM4BIZ Follow Us: | *Comparison applies to most consumer-grade tablets. Please refer to product specification guides for complete side-by-side comparisons. @SamsungBizUSA

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