Spotify’s Music Recommendations Lambda Architecture

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Spotify’s Music Recommendations Lambda Architecture Esh Kumar @eshvk Emily Samuels @emilymsa

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Overview Why Lambda? Use Case: Discover Recommendations Batch Architecture Real-time Architecture Challenges Future Work

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Why Lambda? 1 new user every 3 seconds. Contextual, time based recs more & more important

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Discover Recs

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The Discover Page Algorithmically generated fresh recs for users.

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The Discover Batch Pipeline

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Machine Learning Deep Dive

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Word2Vec Words with similar contexts have similar meaning

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Word2Vec King – Man + Woman = Queen

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Annoy Approximate Nearest Neighbors Oh Yeah!

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Batch Architecture Strengths Recs based on complete user history Weakness User vector generation time increasing with no. users. Not reflective of current mood.

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Intro to Storm

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Storm Distributed real-time computation system

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Storm @ Spotify

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Real-time Architecture

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Workers die -> Cascading JVM Process death Memcache flakiness Cassandra JVM problems due to write/overwrite pattern Challenges

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Future/Ongoing Work Simplify the topology Keep listens for 24 hours Ongoing work on other real time personalization features.

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Questions Esh Kumar [email protected] Emily Samuels [email protected]