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7 simple things you can do today to drive traffic to your small business blog

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For every small business, having a blog is very important, it drives traffic to your website and build better relationships with your customers. Your blog is the central point of all your social media marketing. acclux.com

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3 As important to have excellent quality posts on your blog, but unfortunately that’s not enough. Many small business owners frustrated about driving traffic to their blog and get people to engage with their posts and ultimately with their business. There are many things you can do to drive traffic to your blog and below 7 simple things you can today acclux.com

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1 acclux.com Promote your post on social media networks on both popular and small nets.

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Boost your post on social media networks on consistence basis. Start with the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Then expand your social existence to include smaller social networks, you will get the advantage of capturing attention with a less competitive environment which will give your post the opportunity to stand out.

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2 acclux.com Write attractive titles

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The title of your post is the most important part of your blog, potential reader will decide to read the post or not depending on the power of your title. A good example of attractive titles the ones that start with lists or how to, it gives a clear message to what they will going to read.

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3 acclux.com Include photos in your post

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Photos are important in your posts, i's not only make it richer and more visually appealing, but it also good for the search engine, use the ALT and the TITLE tag in the image to include the keyword of your post, This will boost SEO to your blog. acclux.com

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4 acclux.com Add social sharing button

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Add the sharing button for major social networks like google+ and twitter to make it easy for your readers to spread the word. Make sure to add the buttons at the top and bottom of your post. acclux.com

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5 acclux.com Promote your posts using mailing lists.

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Promote your blog posts by sending weekly newsletter to your subscribers with the list of most popular posts of the week.

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6 acclux.com Promote your past posts

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People are not looking to their social media at the same time, you may post something to twitter and people may not read it at the first time, you can retweet your old posts and promote them again, people don't care about the date of the post as long as content is attractive.

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7 acclux.com Don't give up on writing and write more

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Write more in your blog and update your blog at least twice a week. Search engines like Google, give higher priority to the website with fresh content. acclux.com

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Finally, have fun with your blog and enjoy writing your content, the passion and joy will show in your words and it will drive success to your posts. acclux.com

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acclux.com Thank you!