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10+ helpful @tompeham I @usersnap To boost Productivity Github Hacks

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Hello Everyone! My Name is Thomas.

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I guess you’re familiar with github, right?

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That is GithUb

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GitHub for developers? Many developers breathe GitHub. And that’s great. It’s the software that helps us (developers) build great software.

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10+ helpful Github Hacks

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Full list of Github hacks Can be found here:

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1. Clone like hell

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Clone and learn. GitHub offers a great amount of free, public projects and code snippets. You can use all that code. For free. Clone projects + download code = learn about coding practices.

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2. Who to follow?

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Who to follow on GitHub? GitHub is the largest developer community in the world. Follow interesting people and gather inspiration. Here’s how.

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Who to follow on GitHub? Assuming that people who have a huge follower base on GitHub are worth to follow:

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Who to follow on GitHub? Search for people with more than 1.000 followers. Here’s the search query:

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Who to follow on GitHub? Search for repositories which have been starred a great number of times:

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3. Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts Why not use shortcuts on GitHub? Press “?” on any GitHub page and you’ll get a list of shortcuts available.

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Keyboard shortcuts

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4. Commit early and often

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Keyboard shortcuts Commits are updates to a project which refers to changes in one or more files very completed task should therefore result in a commit on GitHub

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5. Trace changes in a file With Git Blame

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Trace changes with git blame git blame is pretty cool. It’s an super easy way to display changes of any file.

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6. Send Line links

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Send line links Did you know that you share links to a certain code line (or multiple lines)? Simply select the line in the code view and you’ll see how the URL will change. You can even select multiple lines by pressing “SHIFT”.

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There’s way more…

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Check out full list of Github Hacks

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Questions? Ping me on twitter @tompeham

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