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THE RISE OF FACEBOOK VIDEO The top 1,000 Profiles on Facebook & YouTube are uploading 4x more videos natively on Facebook Volume of Content Uploaded

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TIMELINE OF VIDEO PLATFORMS FOR BRANDS On Facebook, the shift is in full effect. Brands have all but stopped posting YouTube videos on Facebook – opting for native publishing instead Number of Posts

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FACEBOOK VS. YOUTUBE - INTERACTIONS Native Facebook videos perform much better than YouTube videos posted to Facebook Total Interactions

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SHARE OF INTERACTIONS ON VIDEO POSTS Native Facebook videos perform exponentially better than videos from all other platforms Total Interactions

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MEDIA / PUBLISHER VIDEO POSTS Media and Publishers have always been at the forefront of social – their shift to native video has been even more pronounced Share of Video Posts

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MEDIA / PUBLISHER TOTAL INTERACTIONS Media & Publishers experienced a larger share of Interactions on YouTube links than brands on Facebook, but the overall picture is the same Total Interactions

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YOUTUBE TOP PERFORMERS YouTube is still a video powerhouse LEGO had a HUGE year – a 248% increase in video views since April 2014 TOP 5 Brands by Video Views Growth Brand April 2014 April 2015 Absolute Growth Relative Growth LEGO Angry Birds Nike Football Samsung Mobile GoPro 281 M 1 529 M 171 M 347 M 460 M 978 M 1 940 M 548 M 702 M 795 M + 697 M + 411 M + 377 M + 355 M + 335 M + 248 % + 27 % + 220 % + 102 % + 73 %

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YOUTUBE TOP PERFORMERS Nike Football nearly doubled its subscriber base over the last year TOP 5 Brands by Subscribers Growth Brand April 2014 April 2015 Absolute Growth Relative Growth GoPro Nike Football PlayStation Red Bull Ubisoft 1 849k 1 136k 2 385k 3 446k 948k 2 985k 2 105k 3 205k 4 206k 1 443k + 1 136k + 970k + 820k + 760k + 494k + 61 % + 85 % + 34 % + 22 % + 52 %

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YOUTUBE – OVERALL UPLOADS AND VIEWS Interactions on YouTube videos continue to climb, but brands are clearly shifting strategies as uploads have leveled out since Q3 2014 YouTube Total Stats Average of Total Uploaded Video Views (right axe) Average of Total Views (left axe)

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71 % 14 % 6 % 5 % 3 % 1 % Photo Link Album Video Status Others FACEBOOK POST TYPES Photos remain the most common post type on the platform and receive 82% of all interactions 5% of posts are videos Post Types for All Posts

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FACEBOOK VIDEO – PROMOTED POSTS In January 2014, YouTube links were promoted 2x more than native FB videos A year later, things have shifted – drastically Number of Promoted Video Posts

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INTERACTIONS ON VIDEO POSTS Facebook videos are shared more than YouTube links. Given changes to the News Feed, shareability is even more important than before Distribution of Interactions Facebook YouTube

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ORGANIC REACH BY POST TYPE ON FACEBOOK Organic fan reach for Facebook native video is 3x higher than YouTube Average of Relative Organic Fan Reach

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BRANDS ARE ADJUSTING GoPro was posting videos from both platforms simultaneously – that changed quickly GoPro – Post Count

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PUBLISHERS ARE ADJUSTING BuzzFeed adopted native Facebook quickly and ramped up. BuzzFeed – Post Count

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MICRO VIDEO – MEDIA VS. BRANDS Instagram is still a photo platform, but 5% of all posts for brands and 11% for media is still a lot of videos Post Type Distribution on Instagram Brands Media

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MICRO VIDEO – MEDIA VS. BRANDS Images garner higher levels of engagement for both brands and media Average Post Engagement Rate on Instagram

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TWITTER VIDEO YouTube videos remain the most-commonly shared videos on Twitter TOP 500 Brands – Number of Videos Posted

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TWITTER VIDEO Despite that, Twitter videos received the most interactions TOP 500 Brands – Total Video Interactions

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CONCLUSION Facebook video posts exceeded the number of YouTube videos shared on Facebook for the first time in November 2014. Brands & media are posting much more Facebook native videos, promoting them, and seeing higher levels of engagement on the platform. YouTube is still a valuable channel for brands and media, but native video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is eating into its share externally. Major brands are still expanding on YouTube, with increased viewership and solid subscriber growth