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BPN Recap SXSW ‘15

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Began in 1987 Held annually in Austin, TX 10 days of panels, keynotes, media presentations, workshops, music showcases, film screenings and more… Broken into three main sessions: Interactive: 3/13 - 3/17 Music: 3/17 – 3/22 Film: 3/13 – 3/21 What is sxsw?

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Began in 1994 Fastest growing segment of SXSW 2015 featured: 800+ interactive sessions 51,000+ registrants Spans a variety of topics including technology, media, mobile, software, gaming, social, etc. sxsw Interactive

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The reason every marketer should attend sxsw: “The sensory overload has become a metaphor for the modern world.” - - Tim Leake, Adweek

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It has gotten so big that the agenda doesn’t revolve around a singular theme anymore Everyone has a different experience However, there are some commonalities: Sxsw is what you make of it

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TECHNOLOGY TRENDS THE ‘QUANTIFIED SELF’ 2.0 Robotics and ai becoming more accessible Augmented reality/vr = new storytelling engines

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The ‘quantified self’ 2.0 WHAT’S NEXT? Big data as the new wonder drug Vast amount of data from devices ? need analytical algorithms to decipher it Smart textiles Incorporating nano-technology for performance Provide haptic feedback to users Wearable technology and apps are growing in popularity Devices expected to total 50B by 2020 Apple Watch sold more units in one day than Android Wear in all of 2014 “Is the Apple Watch the beginning of smart watches or the end of cell phones?”

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Robotics and artificial intelligence are becoming more accessible WHAT’S NEXT? Advances in automation ex. Resource management: massive inefficiencies in energy and aviation Augmented intelligence: man + machine (see: Iron Man) Robots and AI will become smarter ? “reason about reasoning” Not just rule driven (0s and 1s) Rank patterns of behavior/interest for predictive application Data + hyper-connectivity + advancements in processing power = growth of AI Slippery slope Great potential to help mankind Range of negative consequences ex. Massive unemployment as a result of job automation ex. Technology takes over, a la Terminator

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Augmented reality and virtual reality are the new storytelling engines WHAT’S NEXT? Potential application in the fields of: Visual commerce/virtual showrooms (ex. Lowe’s Holoroom) Entertainment Music Sports Journalism Not just for gamers anymore Immersive experience for users Headsets (ex. Oculus Rift) will be challenged by mobile devices (ex. Samsung Gear VR)

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MARKETING TRENDS The Death of ads Ubiquity of beacons and connected devices ‘empathetic design’ puts experience first Moving beyond cookie based targeting Personalization vs. Privacy

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The death of ads WHAT’S NEXT? Native, content based approach will become the new normal Focus on environment, user experience and delivering value (see: GoPro, Red Bull) Time spent buying models vs. CPMs, CPEs, etc. Quality of consumer interactions, not volume Finding ways to adapt to new screens will mean less reliance on IAB standard units Consumer attention = scarce commodity and they want instant gratification Storytelling is key “Behave like tomorrow’s programmers, not yesterday’s marketers” Push vs. pull messaging Consider scale vs. platform Consumer behavior and context changes from platform to platform Fragmentation is a challenge, requiring agility As experiences become more intimate, quality must increase

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Coming soon: the ubiquity of beacons and connected devices WHAT’S NEXT? Connected smart technologies, aka the “Internet of Things” Potential for many applications, such as in homes Coming, but not a reality yet Marketers talk about it, but most consumers do not know what this means “Walled gardens” will challenge data flow Number in the thousands. Will soon reach millions Mainly used for commercial purposes today In-store sales triggered by beacons projected to grow 10x in the next year (to $44B+) Micro-level targeting reaches consumers at shelf/POS Complement to standard, macro level targeting (ex. geo-fencing)

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‘empathetic design’ puts experience first WHAT’S NEXT? Marketers trying to find ways to augment experiences What can you provide to the consumer journey that will add value? Flexible permissions/enhanced preferences Greater control for consumers over the flow of data User centered design approach intended to provoke emotion and influence behavior “Experience economy” = winning based not only on products, but also on user experience Be careful – things like push notifications have a fine line between helpful and annoyance Focus on “surprise and delight”

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contextual mobile ux in the beacon wearable age BPN’s own Chris Hiland addresses the panel about the experience economy

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Moving beyond cookie based targeting WHAT’S NEXT? Expect a shift toward targeting via ID based social platforms (Facebook/Twitter) Provide utility for users Loaded with data for marketers Opportunity for cross-device targeting and sequential marketing Deliver scale Cookie based targeting is hitting its limit Server logs and cookies are not real people (ex. shared computers) Weak offline connection Cross device targeting is difficult

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Brands trying to find a balance between personalization and privacy WHAT’S NEXT? More privacy controls for consumers Opt-in / opt-out Consumers will expect more transparency in terms of what data is collected and how it is used Facial recognition technology in-store Give and take for consumers Give up information in exchange for more relevant ads Ex Machina / Tinder Controversial tactic, but effective in creating that 1:1 connection

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MINORITY REPORT? Gesture controlled computers Reconnaissance drones Augmented reality Personalized ads

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Be prepared

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Sxsw can be overwhelming: HAVE A GAME PLAN, BUT BE FLEXIBLE Considerations: What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish while you’re there? What are your areas of interest? What topics are we discussing within the agency/with clients? Who are the keynote speakers for the session?

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Pace yourself…

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…and don’t let fomo win

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