7 Ways The Internet of Things Is Changing Everything via @mattnollman and @KevinPetrieTech

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7 Ways The Internet of Things Is Changing Everything via @mattnollman and @KevinPetrieTech

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In the dawn of the IoT, what kind of world will we be living in?

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Here are seven ways the IoT is improving our daily lives:

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1. The IoT will create new jobs. Agricultural Technologist Wearable Tech Designer Transportation Network Designer 3D Printing Engineer

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2. We can greatly reduce the possibility of train or ski lift accidents.

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If train or ski lifts had sensors built in, the manufacturer would be notified of any malfunctioning parts and could schedule preventative maintenance BEFORE anything happens.

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3. Airplanes can operate more efficiently, lowering your ticket price.

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GE recently started connecting their jet engines to the IoT with the hope of improving overall efficiency and reducing fuel costs, flight times, and maintenance costs.

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4. We can have our packages delivered with DRONES, saving time and money.

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5. Interconnected farm equipment is optimizing food production.

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And we’re talking more than just “smart” farm equipment. A farmer’s network could allow each piece of heavy equipment to be diagnosed and repaired before it breaks, and eventually could analyze every crop to customize the fertilizer to each specific plant.

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6. Even your house can be smart and connected.

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With products like Nest, connected lights, and security systems, you can now monitor and change the settings in your house from anywhere. Homes are continuing to get smarter and smarter.

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7. Connected healthcare equipment can monitor you at all times.

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This constant stream of data could save your life one day. It can allow doctors to more accurately monitor you, virtually diagnose problems, and even preemptively respond to emergencies!

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The bottom line is that anyone age 10-90 can find the IoT very useful.

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We can all benefit from cheaper, more efficient flights…

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And we can all benefit from connected farm networks that increase farmer profits and decrease food prices.

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Even smart homes can save you money on energy and give you less to worry about at the end of the day.

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To find out more information on the Internet of Things, check out Attunity’s IoT whitepaper!