Here’s where Wearable Tech is headed over the next four years

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Here’s where Wearable Tech is headed over the next four years IN TWO CHARTS

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Wearable tech is on the rise.

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This year vendors will ship 45.7 million wearable devices, according to IDC.

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That’s up 133% from last year.

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And it’s not stopping there.

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By 2019, tech companies will ship 126 million wearable devices.

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Take a look for yourself…

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Source: IDC. Millions This is where we are now.

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The growth is being spurred on by smart wearables, like the Apple Watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear.

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These devices can run apps, while basic wearables, like fitness bands, can’t.

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But other wearables are emerging as well.

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Here’s a breakdown of what the wearables market will look like by 2019.

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Wearable Market Products in 2019 Source: IDC.

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Wrist worn wearable tech is currently the dominant form of wearable tech, and will be for at least the next few years.

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Which is great news for the Apple Watch.

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IDC thinks Apple’s latest device is a catalyst for smart wearable growth.

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“Smart wearables are about to take a major step forward with the launch of the Apple Watch this year.” -- Ramon Llamas, IDC Research Manager

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Apple’s expected to sell more than 8 million of the watches through 2015, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

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Aside from Apple’s sales, wearables in general are expected to grow at a 45% compound annual growth rate over the next four years…

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Which means Apple, its investors, and companies betting on wearable tech all have something to look forward to.

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