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What is happening on the Internet in 2014?

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Hungary internet tax cancelled after mass protests

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Charlie Hebdo aftermath: Security above all else

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There should be no means of communication that ‘we cannot read’. David Cameron January 2015 UK: new laws to allow govt access to private, encrypted communications content

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Obama calls for net neutrality: No ‘Fast Lane’ Information should be delivered quickly and without discriminating about the content.

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European Union wants ‘right to be forgotten’ to go global

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Everyone can code

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Gathering, analysing and publishing legally available data on government user data and content removal requests State of transparency between the Hong Kong Govt and technology and telecommunications companies Protecting the fundamental freedoms of netizens

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Invisible hand towards internet service providers and OUR DATA User data / content removal requests without court order

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More openness and transparency needed The public has the right to know how government actions affect their privacy and free flow of information

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The Internet has shaped our political landscape and social movements

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Internet freedom matters to everyone who cares about the health and future of democracy.

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One country, two systems

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seven Speak-Not Subjects ??? online public opinion censorship

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New Internet regulations in China Real-name system (approved in Dec 2012, fully implement by Jun 2014) Draft new Privacy Laws and Draft Internet Privacy Regulations (April 2013) Content monitoring, self-censorship and mandatory reporting of ‘state secrets’ and ‘impermissible contents’ for ‘network and information security reasons’

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Power of crowd and information Whistle-blowing on social media

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The Great Firewall of China just got better. ? China blocks virtual private network (VPN)

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Jailing of Chinese ‘rumour monger’ casts shadow over Weibo

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In China, at least 100 people were arrested for supporting HK’s Umbrella Revolution

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40 Internet of things and ‘Smart Objects’

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‘Smart objects’ coming to your home soon

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“The Internet will disappear…It will be part of your presence all the time.” Eric Schmidt Google

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‘Right to be Forgotten’ or ‘Right to Delete’? Video by InMedia HK

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Google’s RTBF requests received in EU

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Declaration of Internet Freedom We stand for a free and open Internet. We support transparent and participatory processes for making Internet policy and the establishment of 5 basic principles…

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Tim Berners-Lee: The world needs an online ‘Magna Carta’ to combat growing government and corporate control

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