How To Get Around The Newspaper Paywalls

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In today’s world, more and more newspapers are putting in “paywalls” on their websites

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In fact, here in East Alabama. The Anniston Star and the Gadsden Times have paywalls on their websites.

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The facts are, most people are against the paywalls. And some newspapers are even removing them after the backlash.

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For example, the San Francisco Chronicle tried paywalls, and after a huge drop in traffic, they dropped the paywalls.

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But, what if I could tell you that you never have to worry about those paywalls, and see all the articles you want?

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Hey Newspapers! If you would write articles that people wants to read. And expand in what you do with more pictures, video series, infographics, presentations, shows, interviews, and more, you would not be losing traffic and subscribers! The only reason why many newspapers start up paywalls is because they are losing subscribers. When the real fix is they should give what the people want! Let’s examine several methods to get around the newspaper paywalls!

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For the presentation, I am using Google Chrome. But these methods also work well with Firefox!

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When you go into incognito mode, you get to reset the amount of free articles on your favorite newspaper website. On Firefox, Private Browsing is the same as incognito on Chrome. 1. Go Incognito

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To go into incognito mode on Chrome, just click on your name on the top right, and click on go incognito! 1. Go Incognito

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The great about incognito mode, your ad blocker is still there! So you can also block those 20 ads as well! 1. Go Incognito

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To delete cookies on Chrome, click on the three bars on the top right, click settings, and go down and click on show advanced settings. 2. Delete Cookies

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Click on clear browsing data, make sure the checkbox for cookies and other site plug-in data is marked. Make sure you select last four weeks on top, and click on clear browsing data. 2. Delete Cookies

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Every computer should have at least two internet browsers. On mine, I have Chrome and Internet Explorer. Using a different browser gives you a fresh set of free articles you can read! 3. Use A Different Browser

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Don’t want to remedy your zero free articles left? Very often, you can read a similar story from a website that does not have a paywall! 4. Google The Headline

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But, who wants to spend $10-15 per newspaper to read the articles you want to read? 5. You Could Just Pay

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If newspapers would talk about things people wants to read and see online, they would get more traffic, which means more revenue. One thing is for sure, paywalls don’t work! In Closing

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