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SENSING THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY 2015 Link to You Tube video::

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Havas Media Group analyzes the latest in technology, content and media at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, US. Here are the top five areas that we believe will impact media communications globally this year going forward. TECH & MEDIA TRENDS: 2015 #1 CUSTOM CONNECTIVITY AND CREATIVITY #3 ALTERNATE AND ENHANCED REALITIES #5 NEW MOBILITY #2 RESPONSIVE ENVIRONMENTS #4 CONTENT IS CURRENCY

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#1 CUSTOM CONNECTIVITY & CREATITIVY It’s all about consumer choice, control and expression Wearable devices (watches, glasses, appliances) that let you access and manage your own personal ecosystem of content 3D printers that let you design your own food, clothing, products, style and identity

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RICH DATA CO-BRAND EXPRESSION #1 CUSTOM CONNECTIVITY & CREATIVY MARKETING IMPLICATIONS Brands can access real behavioral data to inform decision making. Consumers can access, manage their data (life tracking) to monitor and improve their lives Creative opportunities for co-creation, customization of products and services, and brand collaboration (i.e. fashion+tech) PERSONALIZED & CONTEXTUAL The next media frontier is wearables and the Internet of Things; Marketers must balance privacy with content/messaging relevancy, and format

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#2 RESPONSIVE ENVIRONMENTS Sensored surroundings, pervasive screens   Interactive interfaces, visual projections Smart homes with embedded sensors everywhere that respond to movement, sound, touch, temperature and more

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LIVING EXPERIENCES FRICTIONLESS & INTEGRATED Spaces that are responsive to facial recognition, physical movements, audio, temperature, time and light. Personalizes accordingly Sound blends into light and into video to seamlessly create ambient experiences for personal and group styles/moods #2 RESPONSIVE ENVIRONMENTS MARKETING IMPLICATIONS PERSONAL ECOSYSTEM Meaningful data to develop new products + services that help people build smarter homes, smarter retail spaces, smarter travel, etc.

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#3 ALTERNATE & ENHANCED REALITIES Blending physical and digital worlds to enhance life experiences Virtual reality is a fully 360? immersive view of an alternate world Augmented reality is an added layer of relevant content but doesn’t replace the real world that you are experiencing

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3D exploratory trial before product purchase – visualize choices (i.e. travel, house, car) Activate traditional media, events and products within augmented reality and gestural control Immersive storytelling of visual, audio, gestural Live training MEDIA ACTIVATION PRODUCT CONSIDERATION LIVING STORIES #3 ALTERNATE & ENHANCED REALITIES MARKETING IMPLICATIONS

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#4 CONTENT IS CURRENCY Fusion of content with technology to connect to people’s passions points Higher fidelity forms, 3-D, 4k, live streaming, user-created, and across multiple platforms

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Flexibility, options. Adaptability to what consumer wants, when and how they choose, on any platform or device. Smart TVs and universal OS Beyond hardware, quality content delivers added value. Shared partnerships and owned media should be leveraged More affordable, accessible ways of developing and distributing high quality content; new models of working, new talents BRAND DIFFERENTIATION CHOICE IS VALUE CREATIVE DEMOCRATIZATION #4 CONTENT IS CURRENCY MARKETING IMPLICATIONS

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#5 NEW MOBILITY More versatile ways of getting around, moving and managing space, new business models Drones, electric scooters, autonomous cars, robotic helpers and automatic bikes. Commercial drones are set to build highways in the sky.

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LOCATION-BASED MARKETING PERSONAL ROBOTICS UNIQUE ACCESS & PERSPECTIVES New connected ways to reach people on-the-go through video, gps notifications, sponsored routes, targeted coupons/offers, digital signage, mobile commerce Automated services in home, at store, in office create opportunities for brand support and relevant content Capture images of places and things beyond the realm of the ordinary. Provide unique images and stories from around the world. Remote delivery mechanism #5 NEW MOBILITY MARKETING IMPLICATIONS

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